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This makes me look stupid.


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I've asked alot of people, about where I get Gold Charms.


I know, they're a loot from monsters..


but, what I can't figure out is.. what monsters?!?!


the only thing I've heard is fire giants.


and those are NOT convenient.. at all.






So, does anybody know what kind of monsters drop gold charms?











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Probably going to be even croweded now..


but, thanks.








I'm guessing your problem with fire giant is their combat level. Moss giants also have a fairly consistant drop rate of charms from my experience so you might want to try those. If they are too crowded there are many in the new dungeon, and the north-west entrance leads directly to them.

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Based on another thread.




Red spiders


Infernal mages


Green dragons




Cave crawlers


Giant rockcrabs


Blue dragon


Dust devils


Fire giants




Im sure there are tons more, but at the moment those are the ones I think are the most common droppers. (Note these drop other charms more commonly over gold so it will take a while)

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my combat stats are.












43 prayer.










summoning is going to be impossible.




Well you could mage moss giants, but in the short term levelling summoning would be very expensive for you. I suggest you get some good melee levels first. Dont see the use in being a "pure" nowadays anyway. And I dont see a pure levelling summoning XD




Do raise your other combat stats it's worth it

Quest cape obtained at combat level 83, march 07.

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From what I've scene charms are dropped by anything. Or if nothing else, The majority of the runescape monsters.

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I did black demons for slayer - they tend to drop more crimson than anything else, but you won't get many charms from them in all so don't go out of your way.


I'm not going to make any special effort to level summoning anymore. Just continue playing and collect as I go.

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ive gotten charms from jellies,gaurds,mossies,skellies in barrows and spiders in barrows....ranging from gold to grreen to crimson coins...all colors from all these monsters






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How lazy can you get, 20 seconds on the rsof would give you a long list














that's 30 seconds looking. There are probably many many more better guides all over the rsof.




I'ma tell you now though, the fact you couldn't be arsed to look this up shows you don't have what it takes, summoning is a very slow skill to raise, and takes patience. We're all happy to help you with your questions, but god damn there's a limit, literally 30 seconds it took me...

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Ogres! Ogres! Ogres!




I haunt the Blood Rune Tower basement level collecting all four colors, 90% gold.




I killed like 30-40 ogres and got just bones, neither 1 gold charm or other color i got.




Also ice giant drops too...


That is so odd. If you've done the Wolf Whistle quest already then I can't figure how I have gotten all my charms from Ogres and you've gotten zilch. A monster's location in Runescape should have no bearing on its drop ratios.




Does Ring of Wealth have an impact? I was wearing that too.

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