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RuneScape Censor - Out of Hand?

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In the end, it should fall on the parents to keep their children 'safe', not the company. It's absurd that mature players who didn't lie while creating their accounts should be punished because others did.




(I'm also really sick of having chunks of normal conversations being censored for no reason at all.. :-w )


Oh well, it doesn't look like anythings going to change in the near future, we've just got to live with it.

There is no meaning or truth in life but that which we create for ourselves.


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they bleep out g2g now. thats crazy
Ha... Whats next? Lol?


I got a black mark for censoring myself once, i said @#$%@$ instead of letting it just do the ******

Doesn't Jagex read Garfield?

If the CORPORAL beast is this hard, imagine how hard a GENERAL or COLONEL beast would be. a corporal is not even an admirable rank in armies that use that ranking system.


Yeah, it is a pking minigame, so any arguments anybody makes will probably be biased.

The best way this will end :Everybody just says,"I'm not arguing with you anymore, goodbye."

The worst way this will end: I don't really know, psychological warfare? Worldwide thermonuclear war? Pie eating contest?

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You will see after Jagex's new FunOrb portal is launched; The company is really going to cater more & more to the kids & "family" market.




Unfortunately this will likely mean even mildly "offensive" words used in everyday discussions even between parents and children will be further censored. Jagex will want to keep a 'clean' image so don't count on the censor being relaxed anytime soon.

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