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Wasting 50M on Skills ~ Any Idea's?


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Buy slayer equipment + enough arrows for 99 range. Then get slayer lvls up while getting charms. Then with the money from the drops get shards and other ingredients to get summoning up :D .




Oh yea, you can also get some farming levels up inbetween slayer assignments.

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wow, 50m? that could buy 99 agility, mining, and hunter!




Lol, but really you have just 13m exp in Cooking and fletching not more, then if you cooked clever and fletched and merchanted some maybye you got that 50m :)




Agility require just super energy pots but you can train some slayer levels in that way get herb seeds then plant herb seeds and grow avantoes and later you can make from it super energies not wasting on it money (i done in that way, just i exhanged with friend some kwarm seeds to avantoe seeds)




Mining if to powermine is better to be done quest which give access to all lunar spells then you can use lunar spell to fill your wateskins if you decide to train it on granite in desert.




Hunter maybye good decision, then you will have more money without investments :) and maybye hunting spots now less crowded after summoning..




Crafting really have no usage at 99 lvl just good to get it up to be able to make all stuff i think;




Same is firemaking just good to get it up up to magic pyred logs;




Smithing really having it 99 you will not make from it profit with ge minpricing results, just good to have it at 90lvl to be able to make DFS i think;




Prayer possible then later will be updated like skill and jagex will add more prayers, it can be clever decission because prayer increase so much combat and no really more usage from it just longer you can use it with more pray points.




Really good decission i think are construction if for altar or costume room, but you can just buy furniture flatpacks at ge not training it and have best costume room or other furniture, but whatever to had nice house is fun is depends what person you are...




Sumoning is really will be maybye not bad skill but it half usefull summoned monsters done damage dont give exp, but it have some other advantages like you now can get slayer cape without any 99 in skills, because when summoned monster kill something you get slay exp for slay task monsters and you won't get combat exp for him done damage and it have more advantages like for runecraft more inventory space like you can use monster inventory space or to poison arrows and etc.. i think summoning later will change a lot of training tactics when people start to good understand possibilities of skill..




Combat like combat is require some money but you recover it from drops...




is really just your decission :)

Suggestion: You can use Anchor on Waterfiends - is cheap if to compare to GS & effective with crush attack & it hit like Whip.


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