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The Venturing Skill

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I see what your doing, but perhaps there could be "alternate routes" if you don't have the correct skill level. Also, if there's more than one person that has a high enough level maybe make things go faster?






The group comes to a hallway blocked by a grove of yew trees with only 2 rooms left. For some reason no one in the group has 60 woodcutting, so the group has the option to burn the forest with 60 firemaking and less of a reward (it was burned with the forest after all!). Perhaps you still don't have anyone that can do it, so you take a side-route through a group of level 110 trolls that all have to be defeated, after deafeating the trolls you now have 3 rooms to go.




ALSO- Dungeon obstacles shouldn't be confined to just that dungeon level. Imagine how quickly most people could make it through levels 1-50 with ease. Perhaps the lower the dungeon level the smaller the length, or the less danger.




Failing to cut down the forest right the trees fall onto some teammates. In a lower dungeon they might do 1-2 damage, while at higher level dungeons they do 15-25 damage.




Or instead the higher level the dungeon, the less "side-routes" you can take.


Coming to the forest which requires 60 woodcutting in a level 30 dungeon may allow you to climb around the trees with 60 agility, in adition to burning it and taking another route, but at level 90 leaves the group stuck and having to retrace their steps to find a new path.


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Quest: The Great Lock (couldn't think of a decent name)


Start Point: Lumbridge Guide


Requirements: At least Level 25 in as many skills as possible




Part 1:


a) Start by speaking to the Guide. He will tell you about all the things Runescape and Lumbridge has to offer, and you will stop him mid sentence by saying 'thats good and all, but what about for the experienced'. He will exclaim 'Excuse Me?' and you will repeat what you just said. This will cause him to shake his head, and hand you a piece of paper. It shows a building location in Lumbridge Swamps


B) The building is in a new dungeon in the swamps. It is protected by traps and obstacles which require level 5 to complete. These are shown below:




(to be completed on Sunday)

Boom! Dead Shot

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