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~Summoning is SO useful! (lvls 1-50) + Big Update: (50-80)!~


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Anyway, about my post, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have 61 summoning if I didn't like the concept, and it's certainly not because I like waterfiends lol... It's an awesome idea, and there's a lot of potential to it.




But the familars in combat are hopelessly weak. Honestly, I value my pretty fast to get 40ish prayer for protect from melee, range and mage, protect item, and other very useful prayers, much, much more than my high 50s summon =/ Especially since achieving 50-60 takes many, many hours, while prayer can be obtained incredibly quickly with d bones and a guilded altar, for a similar/lesser price.




I really hope they fix those and add more powerful familiars with the next patch. The highest report so far I had of summoning was addy minotaurs, and apparently it's pretty hopeless in combat for it's combat level lol.




I also forgot to say one saving feature of the Smoke Devil and the Karamthulu Overlord, besides looking wicked, are their right-click ability (they use it on their own, trying to get it to work on your own is a pain before it makes you stop attacking, and I hit a lot higher than they do at 99 range) are nice since they're magic based and hit like a beefed up version of fire/water blast. Shame it has a long cooldown :(

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It gives better yields?? Didn't know that! So do i use the boost while planting the crops, or when picking the crops?




I use the compost boost (right click) boost when i pick the crops. It is 1 plus 2% of your level. I noticed a marked improvement on yields and had record yields. The randomness of the herb crops would make it difficult to tell, unless you did a long term study of it...say 100 batch comparison being range is 4 to 17, but with strawberries and watermelon it boosts yields significantly. Another player who use on RSOF says the same.




Don't take my word, try it!







Since when has farminglvl something to do with yield? It had not until early last year and I never heard about any changes in this.. It's nice to see some positive posts about summoning, but please let's keep comments realistic ..... To me the compostmound is useless for a (high lvl) farmer, though seeing the needed summoninglvl , I'm not surprised about it.




and btw, your remarks about using normal compost frequently as a lvl 97 farmer are completely incomprehensible to me. Perhaps a reason for your 'slow progression'? :?






Oooops! You forgot to read how I like to farm and that anyone can get 99 farm by buying tree seeds! Sorry, but you asked...




As incomprehensible as it may be, I have taught hundreds of low levels to farm and enjoy it as I do and they appreciate that the extra xp in making compost and that using both reg and super on allotments is free and fast xp, means better yields (Yes I said better yields!) and often for lower levels seeds, no need to pay the farmer or have a special flower growing. (I have NEVER grown anything but limps, til now, I grow marigolds for summoning)




Furthermore, I took a yield count from when I was done with potatoes to the magic secateurs nerfing yields to make it look better. EVERY yield. I now just keep track of my best yields for a crop. AND having said that, I will again reiterate that my best yields have come from using the boost on the compost. Whether this is a silent boost for yields that accompany the compost familiar or built in to the guy himself I still have not determined.




As I said, I have noticed a boost in my yields of crops and it was significant. As my herbs range from 4 to 17 so randomly I cannot tell if this is effected. BTW has anyone picked more then 17 herbs? Has anyone gotten more then 70 watermelons on one side of an allottment? My computer is down, but I think the strawberry crops was 46.








(yes, i know you have your cape and i know you are 99 ++++ farmer. Point was, I could be too, chose not to rush, chose to use the whole skill and to cook and eat corn and use strawberries rather then buy guthans, choose to use tree roots for other uses, choose to use watermelons for super compost, choose to use both reg AND super compost every time, and iI still saw significant yield improvement with the compost boost, including my best yields and choose not to argue, so are we done?)

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Wow, I really didn't think summoning could be that useful :-k




Barrows Drops: 1 Dh Plate, 2 Verac Brassard, 1 Verac Helm, 1 dh platelegs, 2 V skirts,1 Guth Helm, 1 Guth Skirt, 1 t platebody, 1 Ah Top, 2 V Flail, 1 K Skirt 2 T helm, 1 k top. Dk Drops: 9 D axe 2 Mud Staff, 1 seers ring, 1 archers ring, 1 berserker ring Dragon Drops: 2 Dragon Med Helm, 2 Dragon Platelegs, 75 Dragon boots.Gwd drops: 10 z spear, 1 bcp, 1 tassets, 8 sara sword, 1 sara hilt Misc: 3 Abyssal whips, 2 ranging ammy

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Once you've got the charms, the speed of leveling summoning shouldn't be anything like rcing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but what's the max xp you get from each pure essence you craft? (It's 10 for death runes.) Is it anything like the xp a mid-range red charm pouch would give you (or even green or gold for that matter!) Someone with 49 summoning could take a pack of red charms and get over 5k xp in one trip making blood leeches.




Getting the charms is what takes time. At lower combat levels it takes more time. I'm getting 100 combat before I start to even make pouches with my charms. (I'm lvl 96 now with my summoning lvl of 27 taken into account.)




And I won't be using all my charms while I wait for the second batch of creatures to come out. Who knows what the best options will be?




Still saving 99% of my charms,




"All that is gold does not glitter..."

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