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If Ranging Or Mageing During Desert Treasure "Should Look"


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  • 4 months later...

1) This isn't a guide.


2) This is barely a tip.


3) There's no reason to waste all those pray pots, only drink when you need to...drinking one after the other doesn't help.

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Have you even done Desert Treasure before?




I highly doubt it. If you have, then you should know how silly you sound.




One sip per attack?




Thats like eating one shark a hit when you have full health.


Dungeoneering isn't a skill.

I'm faster than bots at Sorceress Garden.

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Or... Just do this;








Bind the rate (dont attack it... its only 5hp) the get it to start hitting you.


Then step past the rate, and Damis will be stuck...




Just mage away.




I used about 1 pray potion sip while i prayed Damis's first form so i could get the rate into place.

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