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Why do people still go to pest control?


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IIRC, at least one of the dedicated servers is Dutch. It's my designated world about 50%of the time. There are a lot of dutch players, so that may contribute to that as well.



Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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Void armor? That's the only use I can think of for playing it.


Probably you're correct. Void armour is still rather popular among some players.



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Also, IT'S A MINIGAME! Jagex didn't make Pest Control for it to be the hot new training spot for pures.




Do people go to Castle Wars just to get the armour? No, they go because it's a minigame. I think Pest Control is a pretty fun; more fun then a lot of the other minigames in RuneScape.

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People still think its faster, and\or want void. Personally, after doing far too many games of the old PC with Heart Unit, I hate it. Void is NOT worth the points, look at all the extra XP you would have gotten by using them on XP instead (Or better yet training somewhere else).


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Bah, void is useful in certain situations, but it's a real pain to get, even with PC clans. And PC is a horrible minigame, so boring and repetitive :ohnoes:

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its still good at quickly raising your points


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Though there's no longer such a thing as a "PC Product", it's still fun to play.




Sorry buddy, but that's false.



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It takes a lot more work nowadays to be a "PC Product". I spent time there and got full void with melee and range helms. Only reason I ever stepped foot in Pest Control.


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there's still tons of PC Products being created, though the amount of time going into it is insane. :wall:




PC is fun for the first game..-.-




People go for the void armour as stated above as it's extremely useful in increasing the ranged max hit in BH, or even killing steels. It's extremely useful.

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I guess people still PC for either Void Knight stuff, or just because they think its still OK exp - which it still is if you get fast worlds, especially for something you find boring (mage or whatever).


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The void knight set effects are pretty strong. As a person with all the void armor pieces, I love the +10% range bonus of the void range armor.


I also love the versatility of the armor. It's got slightly better defense stats than red dragonhide, which isn't impressive. But with a switch of the helm you could change which combat style you give bonuses to. And void knight gives no negative attack bonuses (no positive attack bonus as far as stats are concerned, but whatever). Meh, I just like to use void as general-purpose armor for good offense.




I also like pest control because you don't have to worry about dying or prayer conservation. The exp rate isn't crazy, but it's still decent. And you can turn your brain off while playing pc and not worry about losing your stuff.



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