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Is Summoning Profitable?


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Ah, poor misguided soles, attempting to go for power before profit, when will they learn.




Get 41 Summoning then make a ton of Macaw pouches. Make 2/3rds of these pouches into scrolls, then go train a skill that dosn't require to much inventory sapce (thieveing, agility, hunter, whatever). Summon the macaw and every minute use 1 scroll. The scroll special ability is "Herbcall" which pretty much gives you a free herb every minute. My first time using the macaw I made 40K off of it (that's taking out all the expenses). Now that dosn't sound like alot of money at all, but remember, you can do this while training other skills, and making money other ways. It's pretty much bonus cash, and requires very little work to make the pouches and scrolls.




That's an example of a lower level pouch making a little money in addition to whatever you're doing, and that's the key to summoning, everything is IN ADDITION TO what else you're doing.




Granite Crabs fish bass for you AND repay their secondary 5-10-fold. Vampire bats act almost like a fast hitting poison, constantly hitting 3's. Magpies... well they're useless. Honey Badger scrolls work like a mini-Dragon B-AXE spec.




Summoning can be very profitable, if you know what pouches to make and what to do with them.

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Actually, as mentioned above, familiars are VERY useful at bosses.




With a beast of burden, you can bring more food and bring back more drops.


Although 88 Summoning is quite high, healing 15% of your max HP is quite good.


The evil turnip forages a slight amount of food (slices, which heal 6 each).


And for their combat ability in themselves, if you search around, you can find Qeltar's picture of a karamthulu finishing off the KBD. Useless?




yes, useless.




Please read back what you write. You are defending that the skill at least has SOME use. That makes a skill that takes so much effort to raise pretty pathetic in my eyes.




The big problem is that the uses that the skill offer do not seem to outweigh the efforts you have to put in to get to the needed lvl.




Clearly, the assistance of familiars in combat is only meant for multi combat zones, which are few in the game. That just does not justify the amount of cash to lvl the skill or the combat lvl increase.




Any skill will have some use in some part of the game. Summoning was announced as the biggest thing in years and just fails to live up to that claim. THis is the first skill i am not tempted to train and i also don't see many other players using familiars. The concept seemed to have so much more possibilities. I can only hope that Jagex redesigns the skill to something much better. Something more fun to train.

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