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Riff's Road to Taskmaster

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Haven't been on for over a week, came on today to try and get one of these new drops. First spawn I saw, first kill and first whip vine for me! Sold for 40M, not sure what to spend the money on tbh. I still really want to finish up all 80+ but I really hate and cba with Hunter.

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[bleep] me Hunter is going to be hard work, I really want to get to 80 but it's probably the skill I dislike the most. :P




Penguins, Troll Invasion and ToG should get me 80k exp this week, which is one hour less hunting. ;)

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Going to do Temple Trekking and got all the characters to 99 I think, I will be keeping all my rewards banked till I'm done and I'm collecting snake hides and talon nails as well as vyre corpses so I'll see how many I get by the time I'm done.

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