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What to Alch for 99 Mage?


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I would suggest Alching either Pouches bought on the Grand Exchange or possibly the ever popular Yew Long Bow, I once calculated I was paying 1 GP for 1 EXP while Alching Yew Longs.




I cannot remember the price at the time, and I may have been buying the supplies and making the Bows.




A friend of mine told me that I could break even buying Pouches and Alching them. You should give it a go :)

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If you've got 60m to burn you could probably spend a bit on some ice bursting (fast xp). For alching, yew longbows is what is normally alched, or green d'hide bodies.


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Alright, thankss. Wait, do you lose a lot of money alching Yew longs or Green d hide bodies?




If you buy the yew longs or d'hide bodies, no you won't make a profit. If you buy yew long (u) and flax, then yes, you can make a profit, or if you get your own d'hide bodies.

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