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71-75 crafting


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Well..i need a way to raise my crafting level a bit(to make slayer rings)


What is a relatively fast and not too expencive method? Don't really want to lose more than 5 mil.




Also, if making glass with the lunar spell, how much would i lose/earn?

Also, i tried farming once and my potatoes died, put me off forever.
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battlestaves... enchant orbs, attach them to staves.. alc the staves.. you make money




It hards to buy battles taves in bulk, unless you buy it overpriced on the G.E. Your method is much easier said than done. If you make bracelets, getting the materials will take a fraction of how long it would take to get 1k+ battle staves. Just buy several thousand gold bars and rubies and the rest is cake. To add to the already slow method, enchanting orbs will take you a day or two. Just craft all the bracelets in several hour, if you stay focused, compared the battle staff method. You could use the time difference to make more money than you would lose. Sure battle saves is more exp, but then again, you could always enchant the bracelets and high alch for even less of a loss.




Trust me, ruby bracelets are the way to go. Time, cost, and training efficiency all wrapped up in one. :thumbsup:

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I used Ruby bracelets to get to 70... even with the slightly higher costs, its still one of the best, if not the best, way to train crafting at your level.


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