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Eden's Door

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Sephy! Why? Height! Not Hight! Please check your spelling!

Intriguing. Though the fight with the assassins is a little confusing. Please mess with it a little.

Personally, I believe in order, evil or not, but only evil to a certain point. You know what I mean?

Hey, it was eleven at night here! GET OFF MY BACK!!!

(I shortened the actual assassin scene, the conversation was supposed to continue and the fight longer...Again, too tired)

Yup, I'll fix it ASAP. I'm having too much fun with RS HD though.

But I agree...Evil can't completely take over, lest corruption will be spread. If that happens, then everyone is corrupt. Then order falls.

I guess we'll have to see what else comes...Heh...I've found a lot of typos. I'll fix 'em...
Hoping to get a new Signature (with matching avatar) soon. :D

In the meantime...Steam username: )I'll rewrite it later (add me if you want)

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Glad you're enjoying yourself.

My favorite kind of evil. I have a feeling Garland (After he got over his 'impophobia' [by being convinced there was no such thing as forest imps no less]) has become a magnificent villain, albeit that he is the second nicest character for some reason.

Posted Image

I wish to be like that some day...
Posted Image
I'll show you how terrifying a true Christian can be!
It's Xewleer: ZEW le ar, got it memorized?
Hermit of the Varrock Library and its proud guard.

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Lol, Nice Comic

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