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so that we would not be able to:


open mouth insert right foot. close mouth.


open mouth, insert left foot. close mouth.




Why do some people like biting their toenails?




good source of calcium




Is there really a Jagex conspiracy against Runescape?

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I'm not going to go into that one... :shock: Just watch "Family guy" episodes pertaining to cows.




Which is coolest elf: a high elf (not drug high), blood elf, night elf, forest elf, crystal elf, swamp elf, or a snow elf?


high: look humanoid with human-like features and point ears going up


blood: the abandoned version of a high elf


night: elves with white eyes, purple or blue skin, and long ears going out to the sides instead of up


forest: usually have strange marking on the face but elves in LLetya can be considered forest elves


crystal: any elf living in Prffindias


swamp: usually have brown hair with pointed, but not long ears, and half strange markings all along their body


snow: white complexion with red eyes, basically albinos

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A: Because I took it for myself and never gave it back.




Q: What is the significance of the western world's philosophy on morality based on Biblical standards versus the middle-eastern side of the world where it is based on their own specific religion for the area?






Knowing complicated but interesting questions is always a big win. :thumbsup:

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Because your cat's not lazy. she/he/it knows it has to work for its kitty litter, catchow, and a warm body to curl into when it's cold.






why is it that my cat would prefer to die in the cold than snuggle with me? :?

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