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DFS>Crystal>Dragon Sq>Obby>Rune. This is only for melee defence.




It degrades, however, so after 9/10 or something it's worse than a dragon square.


The range defence is huge, +80 at 10/10.


D square is worth it, but granite/obby is better for boss hunting as it has a higher range defence (+65).


And, a dfs also has +10 mage defence, so it's better than a mind shield. Not to mention the +7 strength bonus.

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when needing mage protection: elemental mind shield > DFS


when needing range protection: crystal shield > DFS


How does a crystal shield compare to a obby in range defence, because obby is pretty high. I still need to know if a Dragon Sq is worth it, because a DFS isn't in my price range, but i can buy a D.Sq.




EDIT: Ah, ty aboveposter lol. D.Sq it is!

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Rune/Obby/Crystal are all much of a muchness. Rune/Crystal has better defense but the crystal degrades so isn't always used. Obby offers less defense but more of a strength bonus and also protects against range attacks.




Dragon SQ/Rune Defender are the next bracket. Again the dragon offers the best defense but the rune defender offers the best strength bonus (plus some other offensive stats)




DFS is the top one and offers not only good defense but also a nice strength bonus.




Mind shield is best if facing mage opponents but most players prefer to either pray against the mage attacks or wear Karils which offers enough mage defense to ward off most attacks.




I would go for Rune Defender for the majority of things, if you're getting hit too often use a Rune Kite. Dragon SQ is a waste of cash really.


Trust the Gene Genie!

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Adding up all of the Stat bonuses it goes:




Dfs > Third age kite > Crystal shield > Dragon square shield > Rune berserker/ rune kite > obby shield

Does it really matter whether I was right? #-o
This is Tipit. There is nothing more important than being right.

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