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Reminder about Signature and Avatar Limits

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Hello everyone!




We thought it was time for a little reminder about the signature and avatar rules.




Forum Signature Limits are 450 pixels wide by 200 pixels high by 40Kb file size. This means that you can have up to four images, as long as the total width/height/file size does not exceed 450 x 200 x 40Kb.


This is an example of an image that follows the signature rules.








Avatar limits are 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels high, by 8Kb file size.


Here is an image that follows the avatar rules.








To see how big an image is, right-click on the image and select "Properties". The box that pops up will give you the height, width, and file size of the image. If any of those exceeds the signature or avatar limits respectively, the image will be removed.




While you can use an image with larger pixel dimensions (for example 500x500) and reset its dimensions in your avatar profile (to 100x100), this does not change the actual file size of your image, only the view of the image. Please be sure to choose an image that is 8kb or smaller in file size for avatars and images that together do not exeed 40kb in file size for signatures before you attempt to use them on our forums.




Remember that even if your profile allows you to use an image, it does not necessarily mean that the image adheres to the signature and avatar rules. If you see any signatures or avatars that break the rules, please use the "report this post" feature and select the reason related to signatures and avatars.




This is also a good time to remind everyone to keep a copy of your signature on your computer. When signatures are removed we remove the entire thing; keeping a backup is the best way to ensure you don't lose anything in your signature.




The Tip.It Administrative Team


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