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Laptop - ram

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How hard is it to put more ram into my laptop? would i, a novice, be able to do it without fear of screwing up the system or should i take it into a shop?

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It is actually very easy




There is usually a cover (marked) on the bottom of your notebook. Unscrew the screws that secures it and you can access the slots which you inserts your RAM in. However, some notebook, for example, those made by Asus, need a more complicated approach.




Just make sure you buy the correct RAM (DDR2 for Notebook is shorter than the desktop counterparts)




If you are visual and audio oriented, you may watch an unofficial video guide in Youtube. There are pretty many of them telling you how you can upgrade your RAM at ease




Giving it to the shop is also a nice idea, but you will probably get charged by like USD$10 for this, and if the whole process is simply unscrewing stuff, insert RAM in predefined slots, and place the cover back in, it may not worth the money

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