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Best Spot for Hunting Chins


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I'm Drazhar44




I am currently a shameful 59 hunting and really need to get up up, aiming for a good high lvlv, 85 for example, i dunno




but anyway, Where is the best place to hunt both grey and red chins as i am catching grey chins until i can catch red chins.




Please post all pictures of the best spot and if you can, a pic of the world map with the best places in both hunting ares




Thanks in advance, Draz :twisted:


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This is the best Grey Chins spot wich I used for the last 3 day's to get 63 hunting.








To get there I used fairy rings code (AKQ) and then just walk south west abit.


Don't know for red chins searching for a good spot myself.






Agreed on spot for grey's, best spot. I just got to red's myself. Best spot is a little bit west of hunter expert's building south of feldip hills. You will see a little hunter symbol on the world map. There are few spots around here that you can use. It is usually busy, but with a little moving around and world hopping you can find a spot to sit at for a while. Hope this helps!



Drops/Clue Finds:

Shield left half: 1,Dragon plateskirt: 1, Warrior's Helm: 1, Obsidian Cape: 1, Robin Hood Hat: 1, Dragon Platelegs: 1, Dragon Boots: 4, Amulet of Ranging: 1

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You only need one chin respawn point to maximize your exp/hour. So wherever you can find 1 chin that spawns by itself away from the people crowding the "good" spots.




Set up all your traps you can around the chin spawn like this:




[] X []






(X is the chin spawn and the '[]' are your traps)




Bring a bow and arrows as well, when the chin does not get caught in one of your traps and runs off away from the others, quickly shoot it to make it respawn back inside your box traps.




This is the fastest method for catching chins and you only need 1 chin to do it, if more people knew and utilized this method there would be no crowded hunting areas.. *sigh* :(




And yes I realize you can't lay 4 traps at once at lower levels, just fill in the spots as you gain more levels as best you can... DUH #-o

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