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Quest Cape


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That is very hard to chart, but I'll try. This was my personal experience.




1) Mourning's End Part 2


2) Dream Mentor


3) Monkey Madness


4) Dealing With Scabaras


5) Recipe for Disaster Part 10: Final Fight


6) Desert Treasure




I was under 90 combat doing all of those, though. Keep it in mind. Most of them are also incredibly fun.




Here're a few to watch out for.




Kennith's Concerns: No Quest ever got me in a fit of rage before. Kennith's Concerns changed that. I never felt more urged kicking something during a quest. I hated every last bit of the quest, and the rewards are terrible.


Mountain Daughter: This was my last quest for the Cape. It was an incredible depressing quest though, don't end with it.


My Arm's Big Adventure: I severly underestimated the boss at the end. Watch out for it.


Smoking Kills: I thought I wouldn't need to change to Protect from Missiles during round 2 of the boss (I was wearing full Torag's and a Dragon Square Shield). How wrong I was. Bring high Magic Defence armour and Protect from Magic the first round, Protect from Missiles the second.


Dragon Drops : 5 Dragon Medium Helmets, 3 Dragon Claws, 3 Dragon platelegs, 2 Dragon plateskirts, 2 Dragon Hatchets, 2 Dragon Spears, 7 pairs of Dragon Boots, 1 Dragon pickaxe, 10 Dragon defenders, 3 Dragon 2h swords, 1 Dragon armour Slice, 1 Dragon armour Lump, 1 Dragon chainbody, 1 Dragon kiteshield, 1 Dragon hasta, 1 Dragon ward, 25 Dragon knives pairs
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Ye none of the quests are really that hard, if you get stuck us the tip.it guides, the real thing is having all the requirements.




Combat wise you probaly could do them all at about lvl 90, you just need to know that the boss will throw at you, so thats really when the guides become useful




Id say the 3 hardest quests for me were:




Desert treasure - (i did it at lvl 79 though so you shouldnt really have a problem) Because of its lenght




Mourning end pt 2 - very complicate in the light temple parts




Great brain robbery - Not sure anyone will agree with me, but that was the hardest boss fight i had in all the quests

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