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Podcasts you guys subscribe to?


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Used to listen to the Mr Brown show,but none of you know it,unless you've been to Singapore often enough...




I giggled a little because of an ad we had about podcasting...






so i herd u liek devarts?

If you look at me and feel offended by my 666-ism,think.I could be just as offended by your "cross".

[hide=This's why I'm hot]

The Eleventh Commandment:Thou Shalst only say "Amen,brother".

Amen, brother :lol:

Amen, brudda (referring to the 10th commandment)

amen Bruder! (german ftw)

I'm invulnerable to everything, except Lenin and Dragoonson.

That's impossible.


I love people.[/hide]

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I think Apple have some podcast or whatever it is, i check out some new videos by them every now and then. That and converting music to mp3 are the only things i use iTunes for lol.

J'adore aussi le sexe et les snuff movies

Je trouve que ce sont des purs moments de vie

Je ne me reconnais plus dans les gens

Je suis juste un cas désespérant

Et comme personne ne viendra me réclamer

Je terminerai comme un objet retrouvé

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Adam and Joe


Astronomy Cast


Best of YouTube


CERN - Large Hadron Collider Podcast


Experiment of the Week




NASA's JPL Lab Video Podcast


Philosophy: The Classics


Point of Inquiry


The Ricky Gervais Podcast


Russell Brand


Russell Howard and John Richardson


Stephen Fry's Podgrams


Wild Chronicles Digital Shorts




A lot of them are just stacking up because I don't have time to listen to them, but I mean to.

"Da mihi castitatem et continentam, sed noli modo"

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"Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" on iTunes.




Gotta love public radio.


"He could climb to it, if he climbed alone, and once there he could suck on the pap of life, gulp down the incomparable milk of wonder."

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