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CLOSE - People misinterpretted the post... -.-


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Even though i can run it in HD mode, I dont. All the extra bling kinda annoys me and distracts me to some degree. I still play it on normal mode and am quite intruiged about how different the normal mode looks. The graphical update on the normal mode is enough for me to play this game very contently.




I mean this game has enough substance to get away with looking like it did in RSC.




Cheers, Happy playing.



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I lag and I have more than the minimum requirements, I play with all the settings at lowest quality too. It's annoying, I walk and it's like.. all.. laggy. :P I hate it, and I might just buy a new graphics card/processor for my laptop just for this.

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hmmm well i dont lag the whole time but when i do of course i moan,


the lag in hd got me killed at metals cause i couldnt step back from getting meleed :wall: i think im entitled to complain.




to sum it up, some people have bad computers and lag interupts the game play. i find complaining is appropriate for having to stop what your doing because your computer is slow...




does this have much discussion value?


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It depends on the persons:


1. Internet provider


2. Computer specs


3.How many things there running




I my self dont lag often but I spent more on my computer then I did on my first vehicle.


(88 NIssan for $500 ftw!)




This post imo is a rant in a sense and doesnt really belong here. BUt Ill leave that to actual mods to decide


I just came back from a long break. Back on bob.

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Because it's their computer. Like mine it's CABBAGE!




Sometimes i can't even get in it, says my graphics card is not good enough.


wierd how sometimes i get in, others i dont?




Plus their internet has something to do with it.


That's the facts.




Other sides are that they are impatient and annoying :ohnoes:

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I'm not bragging that i don't lag or anything, seriously. It's just when I'm playing the same, i get so many people shouting LAGGGGG, and I'm like 'Are you on HD mode?' There like, yea... i liek the graphics but i lag so much. Why don't they just go to normal mode? Thats what i mean by moaning. I'm not on about the forums, people moaning about it, I'm on abotu the game. It's just so obvious that if you lag really badly on HD, why don't they just go onto normal? I'm not getting at the people who can't play HD, because I'm sure most ov you don't complain, but i have noticed alot when playing, people lag and start complaining about it. If you misinterpretted me 'bragging' about my computer specs then read again....




OP: Why does peeps lag on HD lolz they not hav 1337 comp leik me.


OP: Why does peeps moan about lagg on HD lolz they dont hav to use HD if they dont hav a 1337 comp leik me.




+1 . Simply don't play HD if you lag. And like i said, HOW am i bragging? All I'm saying is what my specs are, and thats what i thought most people whould have anyway? If you misunderstood then I'm sorry? lol



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People are nazi conformist-cheerleaders who are used for the best, they want everything run smootly, just as they want it. One little error somewhere makes them mad.




People play in HD because everyone else does it. Havent you noticed?




No one moans about anything, untill someone decides that the colour of dragon items stink. S/he'd like it differently, so he goes on and posts in somewhere, and then alot of others start "agreeing" with them. Why? Because they dont wanna be left outside.




I lag on HD, i dont [bleep] about it because i can always select the other option.


Why don't they just go to normal mode? Thats what i mean by moaning. I'm not on about the forums, people moaning about it, I'm on abotu the game.




Because they want the best, they wanna know what people are talking about, just like 90 year old grandmas.

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Wow, atleast the last 2 posters didn't flame me for bragging...




~Dragontotem - I agree with you, people just want the best.. =/




So you don't deny the fact that you were? STHU, just because people don't agree with your point of view doesn't mean you have a public strop.

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Locked on request...






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