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How do you pronounce rs cities/town names?

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    Chicken Feather

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Such a debatable subject, here's how i pronounce them :P

Lumbridge - Lum-Bridge

Varrock - Varr-ock

Falador - Fa-la-dor

Port Phasmatys - Port Fas-ma-tees

Ardounge - Ar-Doyn (I used to pronounce it other until the quest said it was Ardoin)

Tiranwnn - Tie-ran (Tricky one, i've always thought the w to be silent.)

Lletya - Le-Leet-ya

Piscatoris Fishing colony - Pee-sca-tor-is

Trollheim - Troll-hime

Burthrope - Bur-thorp

That's what i've always called them by except Ardougne, i used to call it "Ar-doo-gun" until that quest came out and changed it! #-o

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    Ghost Cloak

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This is how i say these lol:

Lumbridge: lum- bridge

Varrock: vah-rok

Falador: fah-la-door

Port Phasmatys: port-faz-mart-iss

Ardounge: are-dawn

Tiranwnn: tih-ran-win

Lyetta: lay-ta

Piscatoris Fishing colony: piss-cah-tore-iss

Trollheim: trol-heem

Burth[/b]or[b]pe: ber-thorp

Doesn't help that you misspelt burthorpe and piscatoris in your first post. :P
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    Unicorn Horn

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i pronounce most like most people except,

arge - doo - ne ardougne(sp?)


al- ker- heed al kherid(sp? ;) )
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    Bear Fur

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I have a problem where I read something for the first time and that's it forever...




Port Phasmatys:Port Pah-hai-rus




Picatoris Fishing colony:Pee-CAT-or-is Fish-ing Col-on-ee (Never Been there)

Trollheim:Troll-hime (like mime with an h)



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    Ice Giant Melter

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Lumbridge: Luhm-bridge

Varrock: Vah-rock

Falador: Fal-uhh-door

Port Phasmatys: The ghost town

Ardounge: Are-doh-rounge

Tiranwnn: elf forest

Lyetta: Lee-yet-uhh

Picatoris Fishing colony: Fishing colony

Trollheim: Troll-him

Burthrope: Burth-rope

Canifis: Can-I-fis

Karamja: car-a-ms-ja

If something is spelt really weird I don't even try to say it, I just say what it's near or something like that.

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    Spider Egg

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i pronouce arrdy are-don-ee , varrock var-rok, falador falla-door, canifus can-ee-fuss,draynor drain-or, al kharid al-ca -reed lol dont feel like doing the others lol
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    Chicken Feather

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Lumbridge: Luhm-bridge

Varrock: Vah-rock

Falador: Fal-uh-door

Port Phasmatys: Port Phas-May-Tees

Ardougne: Ardoin

Tiranwnn: Ter-Ann-Wyn

Lletya: Lee-yet-uhh

Piscatoris Fishing colony: Pis-Catt-Ore-Iss Fish-Ing Call-Uh-Nee

Trollheim: Troll-haym

Burthorpe: Burth-orpe

Canifis: Cann-uh-feas

Karamja: car-om-ja

The OP misspelled a lot of them. Kinda messes up the pronunciation.
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    Chicken Feather

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i never really thought of it but i think of ardrougne like


lol i think im the only one

also like al kharid i think

All Cah- Rid
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i Really dont feel like thinking of a good signature.

D Jay99
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D Jay99

    Dragon Slayer

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Lumbridge: Luhm-bridge

Varrock: Vahr-rock

Falador: Fal-ah-door

Port Phasmatys: Port Phas-Mah-Tees

Ardougne: Ardoinj

Tiranwnn: Tyr-ann-wann

Lletya: Lleey-ty-aa

Piscatoris Fishing colony: Pis-Catt-Ore-Iss Fish-Ing Call-Uh-Nee

Trollheim: Troll-haym

Burthope: Burth-ope

Canifis: Caan-y-fis

Karamja: car-am-ja
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    Dark Wizard Robe

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Lumbridge- LUHM-Bridge

Varrock- VARR-Rock

Falador- Fah-lah-door

Port Phasmatys - port FAS-Ma-tees

Ardounge-ARR -doo-nge


Piscatoris Fishing colony- Piss-ca-torr-iss

Trollheim- Troll-Heim

Burthrope- Burth-Orpe

Princess Viola
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Princess Viola

    Skeleton Shield

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Lumbridge: LUHm-bridge

Varrock: Var-OCK

Falador: Fal-A-dor

Port Phasmatys: Port Phas-matISS

Ardounge: Ar-Dong

Tiranwnn: Tear-A-win

Lyetta: LIE-eTa

Picatoris Fishing colony: Pik-A-toris

Trollheim: Troll-HEIM

Burthrope: Burth-ROPE

Canifis: Can-IF-iss

Karamja: Kar-AM-ja-MA. (Idk why I add the ma to the end)

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    Unicorn Horn

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Lum Bridge

Vah Rock

Kah rahm jah

Ar doon

Fah la dor

Can a fish (thats Canifis in case u missed that)

Just for fun heres a few names

Sir Amik Varse - Ceramic Vase

Sir Prysin - Suprisin

Sir Vyvin - Survivin

^I'd lol irl if anyone missed those

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Wanna know how to keep an idiot busy? Read above.


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    Demon Vanquisher

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Lumbridge - LumBridge

Varrock - Var rock

Falador - Fa la door

Port Phasmatys - Port Fas Mat Yis

Ardounge - Ar Dou Dgone (YES I AM FTW)

Tiranwnn - Tir an wahn

Lletya - Let Ya

Piscatoris Fishing colony - Pis Sat Core Is

Trollheim - Troll hime

Burthrope - Bur th-rope

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    Bear Fur

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Just to say, you guys are giving different answers than you probably mean. if you dont show us which place you accent it, we dont know how you pronounce it. if you just repeat the word, you're not telling us anything- for example, Lumbridge can be pronounced in these ways: LUHM-brij, luhm-BRIJ, LUHM-brAIj, LOOM-brij, LOOM-brAIj, loom-BRIJ.

oh, yeah, thats a lot. so we don't know what you're trying to say if you speak to vagely. I suggest you read the first post thuroughly if you wish to contribute in a good way.

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    Bear Fur

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Lumbridge- Lum-bridge

Varrock- Vuh-rock

Falador- Fal-a-door

Port Phasmatys- Port Fas-mat-ees

Ardougne- Ah-doon

Tiranwnn- Ti-ran-win

Lletya- Luh-let-ya

Piscatoris- Pis-cuh-tor-us

Trollheim- Trol-i-um

Burthorpe- Buth-orp

That's how I say em, even if they don't sound right. :|
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    The Consultant

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looked up the pronounceations before. I rember exactly how they are said.

Lumbridge: LHUM - bridge

Varrock: VAR - rock

Falador: FHAL - ah - door

Port Phasmatys: Port phas - MATT - ee

Ardounge: ARE - dounge (dounge is approximatly doen)

Tiranwnn: This one I dont rember. I think: ter - ANN - when

Lyetta: LEE - et - ah

Picatoris Fishing colony: pic - ah - tor - iss/ess ( a guess)

Trollheim: TROLL - hime (me as mime)

Burthrope: BERTH - rope

Canifis: CAN - if iss (can as in the object. NOT can as in you can do it)

Karamja: CAR -am -jah

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    Dragon Slayer

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Lumbridge: Luhm-bridge

Varrock: Va-rock

Falador: Fall-a-door

Port Phasmatys: Port Phas-maise-is

Ardounge: Ard-doon (or when im being an idiot, Ar-doog-knee)

Tiranwnn: Tier-ran-win

Lyetta: Ley-tah

Picatoris Fishing colony: Isn't it Piscatoris? Pis-ca-tor-is

Trollheim: Troll-heim

Burthrope: Burr-thorpe

Canifis: Can-if-is

Karamja: Car-am-jar




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    Spider Egg

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Lumbridge: Lam-bridghe

Varrock: var-ock

Falador: fal-ah-door

Port Phasmatys: Phort Phay-sa-mat-yas

Ardounge: Arh-doo-unge

Tiranwnn: Tee-rah-win

Lyetta: Lie-ettah

Picatoris Fishing colony: Pik-ah-torhis Fi-ish-ng Col-un-nee

Trollheim: Troll-heim

Burthrope: Burth-rupe

Canifis: Kan-fis

Karamja: Kah-rah-mjah

Well, people say I pronounce them differently.

Although, people DO say I sound American when I'm English >.>


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