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Defence Training?


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Sup guys ::' Ite im 66 def and i want 70 pretty soon. were cud i train thats fast? ohh and also what wep im onley 61 att :( and aint finished monkey maddness yet so cant use d skimm, Thanx

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how much money do you got? obby sword+berserker necklace+ dds for specs>d long



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well im p2p :thumbsup: and ive heard fleshies are still good in p2p shud i try those?




Yes, you should. They are even better in P2P because of their drops.

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yaks would be good for your level although you will ned to complete fremmick trials and start fremmick isles




Yes yaks are very good as he said for i got 3 def lvlvs from em... and for the weps hmmm I would say a d long and dds for specs i guess but if u can wear a d b axe use it becasue strength is key at yaks for they do not hit hard....



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Use a super set to train--it's not too expensive and it will speed up your training enough to be worth it. If you fight something that won't hit you anyway than don't bother with super defense.


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I liked the other worldly beings in zanaris. I use those from 70-80 defense. Drops rannars, nats and battlestaves quite often. I make a decent profit every time i train there.




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Try out Slayer. I always recommend that, and so do many others. In the short-term, you may not get your level as quick, but in the long term, it is worth the trouble.




If you need a good weapon, try out Obby Sword + Zerker Necklace. It's expensive, at 800k, but it's good xp.

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