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F2p Pure rune

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Im cmbt lv 70 with




51 att


45 def


69 str






Im trying to get str at about 80




and my question is, should I raise attack as well? Or is it good where its at?


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Most people think it's a mistake to raise Attack beyond 40 if your PK account is F2P, but with many accounts being converted to tankers after the December updates this might be a good way to retaliate. I'd say just focus on trainning Strength for the moment, and once the PvP worlds are released study the situation and try to decide if it's best to raise your Attack or just keep it as it is.




And why oh why, is everyone posting topics where they ask for PK help here when there is a forum dedicated to PK Help & Advice.


Pretty much what Dragon said.

Thread terminated.

I guess that means I'm the thread Terminator?


No Tip.Iters were harmed in the making of this post.

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