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What Do You Use Your Genie lamps/books for? *Now with chart*


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Since i'm F2P I use them ONLY on pray as pray is the most expensive/time-consuming skill there is besides rc'ing (26 gp per xp or 338,895,206 gp for 99 :shock: ) I dont use it on rc'ing because I dont care as much about rcing as I do about pray. But what about you? What do you use your lamps/books on? *plz state if your f2p/p2p




Pry: 11


Slr: 3


RC'n: 4


Agil: 2


Herb: 2


Sum: 7


Con: 3


Str: 1


Min: 1


HP: 2


Multiple/ skill closest to lvling: 12


Whatever im training on: 3





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Right now, they're all going to Herblore. Why? Because im a tightwad and i hate spending cash to level and its the only skill i have a hard time being self sufficient for :-#




Also because its only level 42 :(

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Always Prayer. If I were P2P I might use some on either Summoning or Construction (because they are expensive to train, as is Prayer).

Ah, this reminds me about the noob on the Runescape forums who was upset with the quest "Cold War" because apparently his grandparents died in the war. :wall:
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Since my lowest level is 58, it does not make a lot of difference. Oh sure, I love getting them. I usually use them on agility because I hate training it. #-o




Moving this to questionnaires btw.




Same. I hate training agility and really rarely train it - so I use em always on that.


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I always use them on prayer.I consider every other skill to be a waste to use it one in F2P.

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Always prayer. Prayer is a useful skill, that is either expensive as heck, or else slow as heck to train (and is always boring in my opinion). It is just something I started while I was f2p, and continued when I became p2p. (and I'm p2p for those of you who can't read...=])


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It used to be Agility, but now I'm really close to 71 Prayer (13k away) so I use all lamps and books I get on that. I just refuse to spend 100k on D bones just to get 13k exp. :?

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On a skill that has the lowest xp to next level.


Obviously my lowest skills > summoning, hunting and runecraft.


Sometimes on other skills to but yeah...mainly the skills closest to leveling

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