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New Way Of Buying/Selling Items!


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Well, instead of everyone randomly shouting and stuff, there would be a sort of pre-set market, well it works like this. You go to Varrock Square, which would be made a lot bigger, wider mainly. There would be stalls everywhere, marked:








Stall One -- Magic/Prayer/Runecrafting




Stall Two -- Armor/Weapons




Stall Three -- Fletching/Archery/Woodcutting




Stall Four -- Herblore




Stall Five -- Crafting




Stall Six -- Mining/Smithing




Stall Seven -- Fishing/Cooking




Stall Eight - Rares/Treasure Trail Items/Clothing








Now, these stalls would be all lined up, with one salesmen at each. They would have simple names, and would be decorated with their corrospnding products:








Stall One Manager would have Mystic, a staff, and a book, and would have bones, air and earth runes on his staff that are visisble.








Stall Two Manager would have full Dragon with a whip, and have an Abyssal Whip and Rune Medium on his stalll.








Now, you'd right click a stall Manager, and you'd have the options:
































Now, if you examine them it'd simply say "Manager for Stall 1" and so on for each of them.








If you click sell, nothing comes up but your inventory, and if you click on an item in your inventory, it has the options:
























If you click the sell option, a box comes up on the chat box, it has a picture of the item(S) at the left, and then says Quanity, with the options:
































If you pick custom, you type in the amount you want to sell. Then another screen comes up, saying Price Requested, you type in the amount you want to get for that item. Then a conformation screen comes up saying: Are you sure you want to sell [[QUANITY]] [[iTEM]] for [[PRICE]]? With a yes/no option.








If you click yes, a message comes up saying: "We will message you when a player has bought your item(S) for your price requested, if it is not sold within 30 minutes, the item will be returned to you"








But, if you click buy. A bunch of categories comes up, for instance in the Armor/Weapons Category, it has:








-Dragon Armor




-Barrows Armor




-Rune Armor




-Adamnt Armor




-Mithril Armor




-Black Armor




-Steel Armor




-Iron Armor




-Bronze Armor




-Dragon Weapons




-Barrows Weapons




-Rune Weapons
















-Misc. (Whips, Mauls, etc..)








You click on "Steel Armor", then you get more categories:








-Steel Full Helmet




-Steel Medium Helmet












Then, if you click on "Steel Medium Helmet", a big (Well, probably not that big since it's Steel Meds) comes up, it always has the cheapest one at the top, and descends from cheepest to expensive. You click buy, and a confirmation screen comes up, you click yes/no. If you accept, a big message pops on the sellers screen and says "We have sold your [[iTEM]], come to me to retrieve your cash" Then the person who bought gets the item.

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makes sence.








one thing - for price, would it be price per item, or would it be price for the bunch?








so if you were selling say 8.4k shafts, would it be catagorized as 10gp per shaft or would it say 84k for the group? i personaly think it would make more sence per item, cause it would be easier to organize by price.








good idea. it would make selling stuff much easier.

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good idea and maybe with that there could be a seperate stall for auctions where a person selects item and it would go to that type and set the floor and people bid (like e-bay) the person can shoose to stay and sell when he is satisfied or come back later




of course players shouldnt be allowed to have more than three itemson the floor at a time it would be too much




also if people where to have an auction running could recieve updates on how the bidding is going, maybe with something similar to an enchanted gem

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It sounds quite complicated said like that, but it's a clever idea. I already thought at an alike thing. The idea is smart, but complicated. Using the Runescape Official forums sounds more simple to me. But for f2ps, or to get a higher chance of selling an item, then it would be useful.

2480+ total

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Too many stalls. Just make a single Auction House that shows the most recent price that the item was bought for and have the catagorys there. All the buying and selling would be at one location and it make it very simple for everyone. Like your idea, but it allows people to still use the existing priece range of items to get the best deal on items. And it would have to be per item.








For example. Person goes to the AH and selling 1k coal. When he goes there it ask how many are you selling, then it says how much for each. That way a person can get money while they are selling and it would be put into their account or when houses come out it will send a note there that can be exchanged for the money. A lot like ffxi.

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