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Sure, just to warn you, the images are not made 100%.




I am doing this on my test board, since my main one is closed down for a conversion.





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Yuck... You paid for forum software? Sorry, I just hate IPB/vBulletin, especially because they're not released under a free software license. phpBB > Everything.




As for the forum style, it's ok but a bit basic. The colors are really not to my liking, but it seems to work well, load fast and be mostly without mistakes.


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I can give you a 10 page long essay on why I chose IPB, and why I hate phpBB. But we'll save that for PM ;), if you're interested.




Either way, thanks for the feedback.

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I'm not sure which 'feeling' you want to deliver to the reader, what do you want to achieve by using this theme? ;)


I was thinking something along the lines of majestic and royal.




I prefer phpBB.


I'm don't. :D




Personally I'm not a fan of the colours you choose


If you are talking about the purple/red, I plan on making a second version of this skin, only using a similar shade of blue.




Keep it coming peoplez!

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guthix pwns




I second that ::'




About the actual template. I quite like it, nice and simple. But I don't like the colours and I'm glad you're going to change them. Nice to see ya again though :D

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