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Need Clue Help Please


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You cannot access the area then ... trash the scroll!






Anyways, i don't think you can access that area until you finish the quest, because there's no way up there unless you walk from the Isafdar forest, or from the Northern gate. I suggest you finish the quest, or if you really don't think the effort of a long quest with this reward:


* 15,000gp


* 13,750 agility exp


* Ability to wield Dragon halberd


* Access to Arandar, an alternate route to the Underground Pass


is worth it, then just try once to get in from the Northern gate and if you can't, give up.






I am at the part where you can get through dense fog and fight the level 110. How much longer do I have, mind you I dont like and am not that good at quests. Thanks




Wait, nvm, your already in the Isafdar forest, just head north and watch out for traps.

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I thought there was no way to the top part of the overpass from the forest? Only from the overpass to the forest? Where's a map when you need one?



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One of the rewards for Regcide quest is

Access to Arandar, an alternate route to the Underground Pass
so Im afraid you need to complete the quest in order to gain access there.


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