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Iblisman's 5 step guide to 99 WC *FINISHED*


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OKay everyone. From 1 to 99. (Btw when you upgrade a level, sometimes it will say you can wield a new axe. Always buy the best you can hold.)




Step 1. Once passed, tutorial island should have given you a bronze axe. First, cut down any normal trees you can find until you have a full inventory. Now, I suggest you stay in lumbridge, so the closest bank would be lumbridge castle bank (trap door bank if finished first sub of RFD.) Cut normal trees until 30 WC.




Step 2. Once you are 30 WC, cut down oak trees, repeat banking process until 45 WC.




Step 3. Now heres the part where you really have to stick to it. Cutting down willow logs (these are in draynor, right near bank). if you want 99 WC you HAVE to do this until at least 95. If you want to stop at 95, cut yew or magic logs for money until 99. I DO NOT recomend this method though.




Step 4. Make sure you keep EVERY SINGLE LOG YOU WC. Sell the normal, oak and yew/magic logs(you wont have yew or magic logs if u didnt use that method.) Fire make or fletch the willow logs, you should get about 90 or 99 fletching/fm from those.




Step 5. teleport to lumbridge, go out of castle and go left. you should find the WC tutor right near the smelting spot. talk to him and ask for a WC cape. he will give you one for 99k. Enjoy your wc cape \'

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This isn't much of a guide. A few steps suggesting which trees to cut is never a very good guide. There are a few things which need to be included for this to become substantial,




1- Pictures, always useful


2- Method, show banking routes, different cutting areas etc.


3- Detail, show them how YOU did it, but suggest other methods and how they work


4- Comparisons, show both F2p and P2p, and how they compare


5- Calculations, no guide is complete without a "this is how many you need" e.g, "For 70 WC from 45, you need to cut x amount of willows."




5 Hints to match your 5 steps, overall 3/10 - your guide definatly needs work, but upon completion should be very good indeed :D

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u havent put much effort into this guide and u havent specified where to exactly get ur xp etc.




i could also make a guide like this:




2 steps to getting a f2p 99 mining!




1) mine copper or tin up to 15




2) from 15 power mine iron to 99!




gratz u got ur 99.




this is just dumb




:thumbdown: so far. but if u turn it around ill change it :thumbsup:

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yea, I'm not gonna lie, this guide is horrid...wait, this isn't a guide. It's more like a few pointless tips.




You need to do a little more reserch on the topic, well a lot more.




This guide needs examples, and I can assure you, that there are much different ways to get to 99, that would be far easier, and more profitable.




PICTURES! Show us that you know what your doing, show us examples of things.


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My new guide!:




1) Air strike to 10 mage


2) ???


3) Alch your way to 99 mage


4) Win!




3/10 :thumbdown:




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tbh cant hate on a person for liking a skill and wanting to help others with it but imho forum guides are more for new ways of doing things or just new things altogether




the guide on the site is just about as in depth as a wc guide can be and doesnt make room for many new guides on the forums if u find something new that isnt in that guide put it in the help and advice forum




10/10 for trying to make ur own guide next time see if its nething new or if its an add on then post it in the appropiate forum ;)


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THings to add






Details of each tree and axe and log


Est. Experience per hour.


Keep a list of updated price list of logs.


Put number of logs for each level (for example, from 35 to 80 wc, you need to cut x amount of willows)




1/10 until your guide gets an extreme makeover


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seriously though i dont like guides with pictures...


You aren't the one reading and using guides, egoist.



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Hmm, a lot of harsh comments here. Chill out guys. But I have to agree, the guide does need some work. First of all, few players besides the impatient noobs seeking an easy 99 will actually judge a guide's ease by the number of steps. Powercutting willows from 30 to 99 is incredibly tedious and takes weeks even if you no-life it. If someone were to try this guide, theyd get to around 40 wc and realize they're not even halfway there, and drop their axe and never chop a tree again.




The thing is, people are looking for more in a guide than which trees to chop. We all know how to get to 99 wc the old fashion way: chop trees repeatedly. If you want a successful guide to woodcut, you need to go beyond the conventional methods of chopping, banking/dropping, and then more chopping. Find different approach to 99 that not many people do, and teach people how to do it and show them that it IS more effective than chopping repeatedly. Right now, the guide is sort of pointing out the obvious.


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how bout you get 99 woodcutting before making a guide on how to get 99. #-o




thats what i was thinking #-o i dont get it


why do people make guides about lvls they dont even have?

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