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My guide to cannoning yaks amazing way to train

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Have you even thought about testing this? Let's put it this way

and a estimate of 100k-140k exp per hour and 300k in cannonballs (or less) remember this exp is the cannon's normal exp + a slightly lowered normal knifes at yaks exp making this better than daggs

updated video :P

Ok, we'll be generous and go with 120k XP per hour. Given your 88 range, we'll assume that with reloading cannon you average 40k XP per hour. That leaves us with cannon getting 80k XP per hour. With 1.6k cannonballs. Now, cannonballs miss about once every 6 times on yaks, so we can factor out 300 cannonballs. That leaves us with 1.3k cannonballs with which to get our 80k XP. Now, yaks end up getting KOed with 1s or hit by 2 cannonballs at low HP, making for some cannonballs that don't get a full hit. With a max of 30, we can assume our average hit to be 15, making for 4 hit kills on yaks. This will, on average, halve the XP from 1 out of every 4 cannon balls, or 0 XP from 1 out of 8 cannonballs. This reduces our cannonballs that actually get XP by 162, leaving us with 1.16k cannonballs. to Another note is the 'double shot' tendency, wherein 2 cannonballs are fired, but only 1 hits because the first one kills the yak. This happens about once every 5th KO shot, making for another 1 out of 20 cannonballs missing. This cuts an additional 58 cannonballs out, leaving us with a grand total of 1.1k cannonballs getting the full XP. 80k XP is 40k damage, in the 1.1k cannonballs. This gives us an average of 36.4 damage per cannonball. Oops...

Let's do this realistically now. We'll use the same 1.6k cannonballs per hour, 1.1k getting the full hits. Max hit of cannon is 30, making the average hit 15. 1.1k X 15 = 16.5k damage, or 33k XP per hour. Add this to the 40k from knives (Cannons take a lot of time to constantly reload at yaks; every time you get hit, you are forced wait a while before attacking again, and the constant running and out + fast yak deaths limits the XP of knives), for a total of 73k XP per hour; at most a 20k boost above knives alone, and at a much higher cost. Unless you make 1m+ per hour, this is obviously not worth it. In the event you DO make that much, chinchompas are FAR better, at 240k XP\hour at a cost of 480k; we can do 2 hours of chins + 1 hour of money earning for 160k XP\hour, instead of 73k.
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