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"N00b skillcapes" : they're also skillcapes!

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I cant stand people who get a pointless skillcape (fletching, cooking, firemaking), which are skillcapes nonetheless, but then get [bleep] COCKY THAT THEY HAVE A [bleep] SKILLCAPE!

*THAT* is annoying.


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Very proud :) this was my first "skill" skillcape, but not my first skillcape (quest)

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    Rat Meat

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I don't have a problem with people who get 99 Fletch/Cook/FM just for the sake of having a skillcape.

But honestly, those noob capes ARE NOT better than other capes. In terms of prestige, I don't rank a "easy" cape any higher than Obby/Legends Cape.

I'll say it right now - I have no skillcapes and when people walk up to me saying "Dood ur 116 with no 99's, ur a looser", I laugh if they have an "easy" SC, because they really aren't much better than me.

I think that this is all a matter of valuing your own achievements. I, personally, prefer to walk around with a Obby Cape instead of getting an easy cape as my first 99.

Btw, Strength the most common 99 skill in the game, with nearly 100k players having it. Does that make it a noob cape?
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    Skeleton Shield

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I think untrimmed str cape is stupid. just my opinion.

But yeah I remember being level 116 with No skill cape and a kid with untrimmed FM laughing at me (like level 85 or w/e). I had like 85 slayer at the time, which is more effort/time then a cook and fm cape combined. You just gotta shake your head and laugh at it.

Some people want to invest there time into more useful skills or harder skills then jumping on the easy/fast/cheap skill cape bandwagon just to have one, which often has 0 uses.

But basically no skill cape should earn anyones respect. just do what you enjoy and stuff. Though a maxed player surely has some dedication and has got my respect on that.

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Just 10 minutes ago somebody saw my trimmed fletch cape and said "lol is ur other 99 cooking". Well, the "lol" made me think it was a derogatory comment so I didn't bother to answer. The guy then typed "?" no fewer than 12 times and then said, "I'll take that as yes". Then a nice fellow told him it was firemaking. I told the nice guy thanks and the other said "lol for wat" I said for not being an [wagon] and then he logged off.

But yeah I remember being level 116 with No skill cape and a kid with untrimmed FM laughing at me (like level 85 or w/e). I had like 85 slayer at the time, which is more effort/time then a cook and fm cape combined.

I think it's pretty obvious that whichever party is being the jackass is the one who's in the wrong. None of this crap is worth gloating over. <.<

Regardless of whether you consider a fletching cape to be a lesser achievement than a ranged cape, or what you perceive the wearer's motives for attaining the cape to be, it's clear that no skillcape is "n00by." That's just a stupid claim to make, and I don't think anyone here honestly believes it. Players aren't n00bs because of their equipment or their skill levels, and anyone who thinks such is, quite frankly, a n00b.

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    Chicken Feather

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Although I had 99's before skill capes were released, still I had hard 99's. It wasn't until after I had gotten Slayer and maxed my combats (minus prayer and summon) before I got 99 Cook or Fletch. All personal preference, I've got a friend who likes the look of Fletch cape but I guess who are we to judge. But in my opinion, I'll stick to a harder skill to achieve..I love my Slayer Cape :<img src=:' />

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Any skill cape in my mind is an achievement. All skill capes are obtained by the same method, repetitively clicking with a mouse. Skillcapes such as Cooking/Fletching/Firemaking are seen as the 'noobiest' or 'easiest to obtain.' It's true they're easier than some others like slayer, or mining for example. But if someone comes along with a crafting or ranged skillcape, they're seen as very skilled players, and looked up upon.

With money, it's a lot quicker to get a 99 in those two skills, (from what I've heard.)

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