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4 Years of Castle Wars


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Ahh Castle Wars... I can't honestly say that I was around for the whole 4 years it's been out, but from the start of my members career it has been, and continues to be my favourite minigame. Although lately it has been a toss up between Castle Wars and Fight Pits. Castle Wars definitely needs barrow effects imho, just to even up game.




To be honest, I'm pretty keen for some veracing of tankers :mrgreen: and maybe a few dharok kos on those pesky ancients... now I wanna go play cw #-o



GT: JRD is AvT


YT: hatethegamer


Youtube has nothing on it atm, but getting HD PVR within a month, so watch this space.

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I once went to a castle war game where some high crater bh team was practicing. Needless to say, me and few of my friends, (all level 70s or so at the time) were against this highly organized group of 120s in Barrows, with tankers and hybrids. We would get one hit, but eventually one of my friends taunted them out, and in an amazing act of tanking managed to drag their entire team for almost 2 minutes while I captured the flag. We didn't win, but it was pretty awesome.

best drops (reasonably accurate/up to date): 1x Elysian Sigil (LS), 1x Arcane Sigil (cs), 4x Armadyl Hilt (solo at 100m, 100m, 50m, and 5m), 2x Saradomin Hilt (solo at 25m), 5x Draconic Visage (34m,1.2m,1.2m) and various cs/ls/ffa Nex splits.
Drygore Drops: 7 Longswords, 3 Maces, 3 Rapiers, 3 Off-hand Rapiers,  5 Off-hand Maces, 3 Off-hand Longswords

ROTS Shields: 12  Seismics: 16

Ascension Crossbows: 6  Spider Legs: 10

Countless Armadyl armour pieces, Saradomin amulets, Dragon Hatchets, and Fremenik Rings.
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Even tho i am a rather poor level 116 i still love castlewars, theres just something about ice blitsing a guywith a flag then dds specking a 32-32 k0 or zammy/d spear specking a level 138 under a rock slide with 1 hp (yes i did do that man he has MAD) all in all being called a noob here matters litle if at all and everyone of your team is (usaly) a good sportsman. good job jagex! =D>




EDIT: hp, not hi :oops:

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I remember all the hype that was built around cw and how jagex added it to the player map before it was releashed, roughly the same time as slayer tower I think? Anyways..




At the time I was level 108 and back then 108 was like 125 now, so it was super fun that I could kill most anyone, hold flags etc.




Today it has changed though To many










High powerd weapons.




With that being said I played it 10 hours a day every day for quite some time, then I most likely quit rs or something like that. But its not fun anymore.

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Horrible at first *Points to the doors that kept closing after one person went through and it took you 13 minutes to get out* and the annoying you need both flagstands to score. But after they were changed it is a good mini-game however gets boring and the community is... well yeah, it sort of gets annoying when you get mobbed by 30 level 80s then called a noob because before the battle you were low on aids. And of course getting called a noob for killing someone and using aids kind of gets annoying as well. But there are some good players who will say GF even when they were teamed. Although it is funny since most of the time I just run into the enemy's base and everyone is just sitting there staring at me while I do Air guitar some people decide to attack and generally they die and keep coming back. Plus who doesn't like using the caves and killing random people?

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Ip ruined cw.








The system of who gets the flag first when it is dropped is determined by ip. When more than one person click it at the same time, the person with the best ip gets priority and grabs the flag. Was put in for soemthing else i think but then carried over to the flag in cw. Took around 3 years for anybody to realise this, but nowdays most flag drops are ip'd.

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To be honest, I never was a fan of Castlewars, or any team-focused game. Your team is only as strong as the weakest link, I have a knack for getting Level 30's on my team that *try* to capture the enemy's flag, and instead become completely useless after the enemy kills them and takes their own flag for hiding. That and people that love to leech and switch teams when they are losing...

"To do all that one is able to do, is to be a man; to do all that one would like to do, is to be a god." - Napoleon I

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Bleah. Castle wars, give me my 50m in barrage runes back!




Yeah, it's pretty good. I really wish they would make some updates to it, though. Just a few simple things would make it so much better. Graphic update was the best thing to happen to it in years. Now we need REAL rewards.




You give CW your 50m worth of barrage runes xp back too?




I got the red and blue armor then quit. I want the better armor but I'm really not very good at the game. I tried finding a good team to try and help get some tickets, but failed :(


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I think it is good because it is simple. Everyone can play, and understand. You bash, you kill. if you really want to win, then thats another story. Now, if this game was in reality 13+, then it MIGHT not be the best. But it isin't. Every other game is a little complex. Most RS players simply CANNOT read, understand, or are too lazy to UNDERSTAND. I liked SC for a while. Unfortunatly, getting stuch with people on the team mindlessly taking things and loosing them is just stupid.


Dungeoneering isn't a skill.

I'm faster than bots at Sorceress Garden.

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It's a great minigame and it is where I spend most of my minigame playing time. Even though I have 2706 tickets I don't claim to be a pro like half of the people wearing armadyl is world 24 do :roll: It is extremely fun and a test of your abilities in combat and how skilled you are at the game. I am one of those people who waste millions there but thats because I enjoy it and I guess thats what counts.




You also HAVE millions to burn there unlike others who i see are 100 with only a granite plate and dragon legs as opposed to karils, Ice barrage and not knowing the use ofr a dragon spear. the only thing i personally think it needs is a Level balance, a team of 5 120+ verse 6 -100's (except one....me) makes the game honestly crap and you get spammed with a stupid amount of weaponry, your limbs would fall off staring at it. -.- none the less, its been zetta fun there and even though i've only accumulated 650 Tickets as opposed to those useless Clans Trying to make a mini game into "Their Sport and Property" i'm still going to get my Gold Armor ::' , just 1200 tickets left. :|


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