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Kissing the Shadows vs Legendary Heroes (PvP war)


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A week ago, Da_Baier come by our IRC, asked Wallyballin for a PvP war, Wallyballin decided on a 1 week prep, but LH got the advantage of the timezone and turnout. Although, I was expecting a higher turnout from LH's side.




This war was originally set for Gdz boundaries, but since alot of clans were busy, we had no AC team. We decided to move this war, and have it taken place at Chaos dwarves, the rules were:




Melee and binds only


Stay at chaos dwarves


no returning


no running out of war


rings allowed


no inf run




Starting for KTS: 44 opts


Starting for LH: 51 opts








Some members from LH Broke the bounaries and Derkiller7 had range...We got a couple of K0s which helped us bring down the lead and finally gain the lead throughout the whole war. I was hoping this fight could be a bit more cleaner than this, but thanks for the fight. I would say both clans had bad binds today.




War vid:




0 kills and died, tanked 4-5 kills.




Ending for KTS: 33 opts


Ending for LH: 0 opts








Random pics:

















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