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The Gladiatorz vs 2Mighty4U

The Gladiatorz

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A week ago, a fullout PvP fight was set up against 2Mighty4U. Since they have had some strong performances recently, we knew it would be our toughest challenge since the realease of the Wilderness. As the day grew close, our signups didn't look strong but throughout Saturday, many people who had plans previously became available. Despite this, we knew it would still be an extreme challenge.




As we massed up, we reached a respectable 120 options. 2M had an extremely similar amount of people with 123 options.




Starting options for Gladz:








Starting options for 2M:








As the fight started, our first pile was an instant KO to set the momentum of the fight and after that, we never looked back. With strong binding, tanking and spamming, Gladz finished the fight with 66 options remaining.








Thanks for the fight, 2M. You were great opponents and provided an extremely enjoyable fight.




Random pictures:












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Gratz, Gladz. =D>






HAI GLIMNIP AND [email protected]@@


Couldn't have put it better myself.


I'll try though.




HAI GLIMP AND [email protected]@@@




Nope, I couldn't.



Proud Leader of the Corruption Clan. PM me to set up a fight or for any queries relating to my clan.

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