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what was the first thing u did when u became a member?


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I haven't been a member yet, bu when I get one I'll propably do Druidic ritual and Lost city and rob some mans on the way 8)

6,521th to 99 woodcutting | Fletching 98/99 |

Idarodo | Combat 90 | Total 1565+ | 38m+ total exp



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I was in Al Kharid when I logged in after becoming a member. (3-4 months ago?)








I was trying to decide what to do and where to go, and I clicked on a "man" and attached him. He dropped an herb, which I thought was cool, but I soon discovered I could do nothing with it until I did that quest...so I set off to Taverly and did that. :)








(I spent a lot of time pickpocketing men for 3gp, too...it was great not to see that "You must be on a members server..." message. :wink: )

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  • 11 months later...

Lost city for me, then very soon after, Dragon Long :mrgreen:

6,924th to 30 hunting, 13,394th to 30 summoning, 52,993rd to 30 Divination

Kiln Record (Post-EoC): W 25 - L 0, 14 Uncut Onyx, 8 Jad hits received (Best record: Two in the same kiln)
Obby set renewed post update #2: 0

QBD drops: 21 crossbow parts, 3 Visages, 1 Kites, 2 Kits

Max Port Score [2205] Achieved: 27th April 2013 (World 2nd)


Farmyard Rampage ranking: 12th, 50,000 Kills.


Dragon Pickaxe Drops: 1 (Times after I first entered Battlefield: 2h)

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about 3.5months ago when i started members.




I first met up with my friend in Taverley.




Then did druid ritual (had meats ready)..




Then did lost city with my mate..




And then well, I went to Grand tree to do the quest there, as I wanted the gnome flyers. But I needed 30-35 agility so I trained it in 2 go's all the way. :twisted:




Leveled up alot, did a few quests.




Getting members back monday I think, if I feel like it.

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Killed a few druids... almost died. :lol:








Then went over wolf mountain, running as fast as I can...








Walked around until I found a strange place with a master fisher in front. Went in... saw the fishing spots... w00t.








Then went down to trawler, lost, and tried to figure out where I landed.

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I remember that the night before I got members I sat down and read through every quest guide and wrote down all the ones that gave the best XP... That was a year ago, and i've only finished some of those quests recently








Fishing contest, random quests... umm, I remember being really overwhelmed by all the things that I could do

Trying to get a new sig... Idea's anyone?

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I remember the first thing i did was pickpocket a man and when i tried i got a random on my first try. i think around level 70 watchman guy(i was really low at the time and couldnt kill it) after that i didnt try pickpocketing thing for about a month :lol:

I bet it's some totally awesome 20-stringed, dragon shaped instrument that doubles as a flamethrower/laser phaser. Or some really lame Chinese bamboo thing.

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I made a dueling ring and teled to cw. I had the emerald ring and the runes all ready too.


7 months ago, shoulen m0nk lured me for everything. If you know anything about him, pm me.

lol that was a good story but his eyesight must be poor... it's a well known fact that mods only drop garages on players. :lol:
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I went to castleward. Got owned many times. Then I did my first quest in members: Merlin's Crystal.


tip it would pay me $500.00 to keep my clothes ON :( :lol:
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