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Ip address and runescape



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I've played runescape for alittle over 3 years, and I have always used the same internet provider so my Ip never changed. However I recently changed Internet providers because they offered a better deal and a better service for a cheaper price. This is probably a stupid question, But do I need to inform jagex of the Ip change? I don't know if they are pickey about an account being used from more then one Ip Address even though its my new one. I'm not too good when it comes too this thing, so I'm uncertain. :-#

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I've never had any problems logging in from school, work, etc., so it's not necessary to inform Jagex. If it was, they probably would have put it in the rules ;)

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I don't think any eyebrows will raise unless the IP address is from a different country...

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But i do know that a couple of those high-lvl/xp players have had their accounts locked just because they've logged in from a friends house.

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