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Most famous rs player


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Zezima is a legend, just because he's not rank 1 now doesn't change it at all. I think everything has been done already and everything has become too easy. Gertjaars will have to be #1 for a while longer to gain any recognition, but it seems as though people don't care much about high rank players anymore. Back in the day, everyone knew the maxed out players because there were so few. Now there's a ton, I'm one of them, and no one knows who the hell I am.




It's just that nothing gets recognition much anymore, you got a 200m skill? So do 100 other people, it's been done. Ranks are a bit redundant now, and most of the people high up on the high scores now haven't been there long.




I do think there's quite a bit of notable players nowadays though, but there's nothing groundbreaking left to do now.




Well put


We all have to agree that Zezima takes the title of this threads title.


Unless Jagex changes something really really big the only next huge achievement is getting all skills 200m xp :ohnoes:


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I didn't know about chessy until about 6 monthis ago, when someone told me he/she had 6 stacks of 999m... I was like wtf... She could probably give everyone on rs like 25k and still have money. Maybe more. :shock:

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There is only one 'famous' RS player that most players know, which is Zezima. He's even had a popular urbandictionary entry for 3 years & people constantly make new ones.




Back in the day, comparable figures would've been either Zonghui, BlueRose13x, Alchemon, etc... But even then, todays players aren't familiar with what those people did or why they were famous.




The hiscores don't mean anything now, because people don't care who is #1 in any particular field. It's been made too easy to get 99 in any skill.




There are even skills where dozens of people gained the maximum experience (200 million), which equals maxing out that skill 15 times to level 99. Back when people cared about hiscores, it would take even over a year to gain just 13 million XP. Nobody had even near to 20 million XP in a skill let alone 200 million.




Write 'zezima runescape' and 'gertjaars runescape' in google to get an idea about the situation.




http://users.rcn.com/yankscrew/cgi-bin/ ... /fight.txt for an example why the hiscores meant more before.

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all time-Zezima


5 years ago-Bluerose13x


1 year- zezima




Bluerose13X was famous more like 6-7 years ago. 5 years ago is 2004 and i dont think she was playing then. She stopped playing while rs1 was still around and then came back for short time after rs2 came out. She was famous when rune ore and rune smithing first came out as the only one who could make kite shields and rune 2 handers.

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BlueRosex to The_Old_Nite to Zezima. Once Zezima fell out of first, people didn't care who was there anymore.




He was the last and most famous.

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Zez is ubiquitous.




Nobody, and I mean NOBODY else, had the same fanboys following them around 24/7.


I knew both Old Nite and N0va personally, and if I were with them, only occasionally would people be like "omg dude its them". Barely anybody I run across will recognize either name anymore.




The fact that Zez is the only -previous- #1 that everybody knows says something.


I was around in RSC, but didn't highscore-watch until the end of 2004, with people like Daverick and Yuffie and Yogo.




I know Xxx Neo Xxx7 was pretty famous among us RSOFers, since he had the 200m Fletch Xp thread, which (if I remember correct) was the first G+A to max at 2000 posts. (Either his or Ff Lover's, don't remember)




Lover Romeo is not nearly famous enough for getting 200m mining and agility xp. (Moreso the mining - I can attest to agility being 100x easier than people claim it to be... ;) )


Lowest combat (only sub-90) on the TIF high scores list




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I heard larryr quit after the real world updates were put in place. She! spent most of her profits on hiring runners for 100k an hour, so after the RWT updates she couldnt do it anymore and quit.




Larryr quit a long time before the RWT updates came out. He's had 157 million runecrafting XP for as long as I've been checking the high scores, and that started 3 years ago.



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I'm not sure if anyone has already posted this, and i really can't be bothered scanning through 15 odd pages to find out =p




Zezima will always be #1


but surely everyone remembers L6vi?


He is the original #1, along sided with 1st to kill a mod




And lets not forget, this is before the time of "googling 1-99 guides".




P.s I recently ran into l6vi and befrended him,after speaking to him for a while, I'm almost certain it's not the original. So if you do see him around.. please do not prase him.

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Not trying to sound like a complete noob, but I think I've heard the name Zezima before. I never really got into RS a long time ago, but I could've sworn that even I've heard that IGN before... D:




He was no. 1 runescape player for a very long time, quit a couple of months ago though. So, he isn't no. 1 nymore. He was extremely famous on runescape, but he is slowly losing his fame after been taken over by other players.




welcome to tif btw \'


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Zezima without doubt, I felt sad after logging back in after a 3y break he wasn't on #1 anymore...


Have been seeing him leveling every new skill to L60 soooo fast. He simply deserves credit for that!

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Well, from when I played (around 2005-2007): Zezima, Lilyuffie, Cursed you(Amazing staker), 3 Hit u (Amazing PKer), xxx Neo xxx7 (first to get 200m xp in any skill I believe). There are more, I'm sure, I just can't think of them off the top of my head.




I think Zezima will probably always be the most famous. I mean, he was on top for such a long time and it was crazy how he had gotten that far and stayed there. People would talk about what world the guy was on, hop, and spam just to try and talk to the guy, it was nuts.


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I knew about zezima before I even started playing from my friends.


Just a thought...has Jagex confirmed at all that people will keep their names between runescape and mechscape? If not what if someone else took Zezima's name before the real one he had the chance to claim it? That would be interesting

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