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Big list of little changes


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yes, i'd love a buy-x accumulators option from ava.




i'd support implementing all these suggestions into the game ::'


32,606th to 99 magic || 15,388th to 99 dungeoneering || 12,647th to 99 farming

14,792nd to 99 range || 24,954th to 99 herblore

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I'm personally quite impressed with the size of that list! Most of them I either don't care about or approve of, however there are some that I can only respond to with a "Hell no!"




Remember active prayers: This one isn't so much a "Hell no!" as it is "Well, maybe, but only if you could toggle the freaking thing off."


The skilling-related X-all suggestions. I'd use them if they came into the game, just like I use Smith-all and cook-all, but that doesn't mean they should be there.


Change F2P Lootshare worlds to Members. There isn't much on F2P worth Lootsharing. I don't really care if you don't think that there's much worth lootsharing, it is used and enjoyed, and should therefore stay.


Remove magic experience in Fist of Guthix to prevent level 6's coming here for free magic xp. Look at it as an easy win. All I know is that if I'm going to play that game, I damn well better get magic experience out of it. And also, if magic experience is removed, all other combat experience better be.






Like I said, I think most of the ideas are great. There are just some that I don't particularly care for.





The light at the end of the tunnel is the demon-infested lava pit.


blue = sad

hoo = who

loo = 100

vo = broken ice cream cone = sad children = sad babies = dead babies


bluehooloovo = sadwho100deadbabies = Who is sad about 100 dead babies?


I've cracked the code!

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