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Maybe some advice?


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Hey all.


I just finished my pure, (i think) still i want your advice on how to pk.


And maybe some pownage stats for the future?






combat 59




hitpoints: 65


attack: 50


strenght: 66


defence: 2 :wall:


range: 71


mage: 70


prayer: 43




I just finished Desert treasure!





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uhm rsn?


runescape name?


that is magics_ko


Sorry if i have that wrong, I'm Dutch xD.




And if i would bring my stats up, till what point?


I realy like to Ko with the Granite Mauler but DDS looks atractive too.





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Okay thanks i will get those stats.




My equipment will look like this:


full ghostly robe


strenght amulet


rune darts/magic bow with rune arrows








granite maul


super strenght pot






Ill try to do some magic spells (mostly ice burst).


when magic spells wont work, Ill range.


and KO with the Granite Maul




thx for the help!



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combat 63




hitpoints: 70


attack: 71


strength: 76


defence: 2


range: 71


mage: 82


prayer: 52






These are perfect stats and it will mostly go along with hitpoints(15,900 exp).


Attack is accuracy(I think)so it skould always be 5 lowr then defence.


Now strength shold be 76 so you can hit 20's.


Range has to go along with attack.


Magic should be 5 higher then strength.


And prayer is 52 because it will give you the oppertonity to do pertect from melee.


That is all the advise I can give,





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