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Anybody know about The Holland Group?


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This is the website. Yeah, the address is somewhat childish and reminiscent of certain "SUPRISE!" websites, but it's legit. What I'm wondering, though, is what you know about this. I heard about it from someone I met at work (apparently he makes around 50K USD off of this, without factoring in bonuses), and it looks promising from what little I've seen. However, I'm still a bit standoffish about it. I'm still not entirely certain as to just how they generate this money (maybe it works similar to them hosting your own personal online store, they ship the stuff, you get the majority of the cash plus benefits in the form of points, but I'm not 100% on it), but what I do know is that it at least appears to be very useful. If anybody has heard anything about this group (or even better, had experience with them), I'd like to know what you know. Thanks for any info. If I find that it's 100% legit and that I can get started on it (at earliest sometime mid-late summer), maybe I can help anybody else interested get started.

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If you know how, you can make a lot on complete [cabbage] on the internet. I'm starting to make some. But, this doesn't look like it would actually be legitimate money or anything.

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