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Why female players are underepresented in RuneScape?


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Hi all,




I have been playing RuneScape for a while.




From my personal experience, I saw that there are very few female players in all types of MMOGs including RuneScape.




I am really curious why?




They really don`t like MMOGs? or they are hiding under male clothes?




Any opinions?

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More males play video games than females. Pretty simple actually.




I'm not saying that women don't play video games at all, in fact I have several good friends online that are females. It's just that females seem to be less interested in video games, computers, etc.

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Because people just flame us......




oh your prob like 500 pounds in real life.


Will you be my gf.


your prob a guy.


etc it gets very annoying thats why i play with my Chat off half the time


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Get 50 RC - go and play the GOP. You'll find more girls there than anywhere else. Probably because its more skiller focused, and not combat related.

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Hmm, to be honest, when I start MMOGing, combat was not my favorite skill. I would rather solve quests and kill NPCs if I really need to.




Then I realized that, no matter I try to be honest and noble, the game rewards killing more. I.e. in order to accumulate more money, you should kill a lot and you should be good at combat skills.




Then I changed my focus. Now, I am spending my time 50% combat related activities and 50% quest related activities.




Happier? I am not sure, Richer? Yes!




Should I blame game developers for creating such game logic?

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These demographics aren't just true in RS, but in most MMOGs or any multi-player game out there. Girls just don't normally play MMOGs on the scale that guys do (I'd estimate the ratio of males to females to be somewhere near 12:1), but that of course doesn't mean that they don't play at all.

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I don't think we're underrepresented, but we do face a lot of stereotypes and worries that tend to hold us back from telling or showing people we are female.




Here are some things I've experienced as a girl playing RuneScape (misspellings intentional):




#1. "Be my gf plz"


#2. "Ur hawt. Lets go to bed"


#3. "Ur a fat 50yr old man living in ur moms basement"


#4. "Girls on the internet don't exist"


#5. "Girls dont play games"




You get the idea. -.- Most of the time now I stay quiet in game, especially in public chat. With clan chat now in existance, I actually don't mind talking because at least its within a group of people who act reasonably respectable towards me and everyone else, rather than run into a bunch of immature teenagers (meaning yes, I do believe there are mature ones out there) and young adults who think they're all the hot stuff. -.-




Some of the greatest PKers back in the day were females. Some of the greatest clan leaders were females. I don't think we're underrepresented at all. We're just overlooked until we do something drastic it seems.

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There are more males playing video games than girls. Whenever I buy a game, the sales assistant would usually refer girly games (death to that Bratz game). I picked up Dead Space and saw the guy beside me staring like "oh you know how to play?"




Skill-based games are dominated by girls, or at least when I play non-combat Stealing Creation, probably 80% of the people playing are girls. Also with the pmod community, I think majority are girls.


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There are many girls that play RS. Half of my friend list is girls now that I think of it. GOP and CW is full of girls, and most of them are extremely high leveled and can probably outsmart any guy player out there.

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I will definitely check GOP and CW as it seems everybody agree that there are more girls there.




It has been a while since I actively play RuneScape. I was spending most of my time playing Oblivion and Morrowind, which by the way it would be great to see them online.

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Girls pretend to be guys to avoid being circled out.




Guys pretend to be girls to avoid NOT being circled out. My friend pretends to be a girl online. I lol.


Tough times don't last. Tough people do.

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