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Runescape's Final Boss

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Andrew Gower lvl 997. Halfway he through the fight he uses a "Paul" summoning puch that summons a lvl 669 "Paul Gower" that throws balls of wool at you.




LOL!!! :lol: But seriously im tied between jad and corporeal beast...



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Jad I would say would be the current Single-(solo) player boss.


While the C B is a co-op group effort to take down.


Jad=1 person


CB= 2-20 persons :ohnoes:


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I think Jagex did well with making a practically unsolo'able monster: Corp Beast.




Though I'm not sure if this is the final boss, rewards definately seem pretty final :lol:

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Jad. You lag once while switching prayers, game over man.

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Oh and people in full Dharok can hit 99 I think wearing cw brace and attacking holder.


are you daft?




1) dh str requires full set. you cant wear helms in castle wars.


2) i used the max hit calc (with all the prayers), its 46 (+ the 20% boost from cwars brace is 55-ish)

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Corparol Beast. And I also believe its one of the only monsters you cant solo.



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Perhaps in Dunge's Batch 2, Bilrach shall be the ultimate boss.


By the way, most of the bosses in Dungeoneering are very overwhelming, especially in a 5:5 large dungeon team.




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Storywise, the Final Boss in RuneScape will likely be Lucien. All of the other bosses are more like Bonus Bosses. Nomad would be a Godamned Boss, and Jad That One Boss.

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Hmm we will probably one day have to fight one of the runescape gods themselves.


We fought a really big dragon with 3 heads, not epic enough.


So then we fought the queen of an apocalyptic insect swarm (spawned from the scarab gods blood), not epic enough so jad came out.


Jad is the symbol of the strength of the tzhaar. You have to survive every monster they can throw at you until you reach him, then you have to kill the beast himself. Not epic enough so GWD came out.


GWD the very minions to generals of the gods themselves are fighting for supremacy. In this endless battle we need to enter and slay their minions to reach the generals and kill them. By doing this we get the hilt of the swords the gods themselves were fighting for. Not epic enough so Corp beast came out.


Corp beast is a beast from the spirit world that is sucking the life out of the family that died in the wilderness. You kill him to save summer but your effort was folly, because he died in the spirit world you summoned the beast into the real world. Enter the strongest boss on runescape, the Corp beast, he is truly a monster truly the biggest baddest thing in runescape right now. However there is still room for more epic bosses, i for one dont like a beast being the strongest. I want an intelligent person to be the top dog.


Where do we go from here, we will need to fight dragonkin someday, and eventually we will fight a Mahjarrat through dungeoneering. We will have to fight lucien. Zaros is about to be brought back to runescape so we will probably have to stop it. Its no mystery to me that we will eventually have to fight Mahjarrets and prehaps even a god.


I think thats where it ends, but for us to get to that point a central storyline will develop. We will need to stop the Mahjarrat one day once and for all, and we will need to stop the dragonkin too. We also cant allow Zaros to enter runescape because the disbalance caused by him entering could cause a new gods wars. Who knows we may have to HELP the gods themselves. Imagine fighting alongside guthix against an elder god such as Jas.


I dont know if Jagex would want to take a WoW - Cataclysm aproach to this (redevelop the land to look like a world wide battle field)? but however they do it we will eventually be fighting to save the world rather then fighting really big monsters in some isolated dungeon that has no consequence for not going there.



Tbh this topic is too good to be demoted to questionnaires.

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i dont really know what boss is the hardest as im not really much of a boss hunter, thay all are killable when equiped corectly.

so, lets think of it form this point of vew, if there was a boss tourniment, what one would win?


the kbd would die fast vs most of the bosses but that dragon fire (note, no boss hold an anti dragon shield) would really be able to deal some damage. i can see the kbd surviveing a while (but not winning) vs the corp becous of his high magic defence, remeber corp does not care for armour defence and the kbd does not have any!.


the corp, although its attacks are not overly huge, man that thing has enough hp to survive allmost anything the others can throw at it, not to mention the dark core.


the kq is strong indeed, thouse prayers will messup the other bosses attacks, i can see the corp haveing truble on the first form but with the corps and the cores melee the kq's first form should die, after that is gona be easy.


jad probably would be hitting the highest of all the bosses, but his i would say his hp isent enough to alow a win, prorbabaly pwn the kbd but corps shear endurance and kq's prayer would end that.


the draganoth kings (lets assume thay allways fight as a team), i can see that dragon fire being a problem, thay have all 3 combat styles so the kq should not be too hard (unles the kq's mage attack kills rex b4 the first form dies...), i simply cant see them geting anywhere with the corp.

truth be told, i dont know where to put them.


so my vote:

corp > kq > jad > kbd

ya know, thats basicly the same as anyone would say in it was boss v player as normal.


I'm a Brony and proud of it!

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The true boss in Runescape is....



dun dun dun...


Chuck Norris.


Yes it is true. He has the prayer "Chin of furry". This increases his strength by 9001% and he uses "Immah Firin Mah Lazah Barrage" for a one-hit kill.


If Jad and corp beast were to make a baby and then that baby was to reproduce with kree'ara after it hits adulthood then that would be the ultimate boss. Something that heals, fly's and can one hit you and not to mention having a helluva lot of hp.


There is no final boss right now, unless you count players.


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^ I'd lol'ed.


Gotta agreed with sw0rd95. Players, Pkers is Runescape's Final Boss. :lol:


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Bilrach or Gunthix or one of the gods





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Not much bosses you can put into a java game like runescape


Noobs: We pay we say

JaGeX: How much will you pay?


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