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Guest Rob

Do online surveys for money really work?

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So far today I've been turned down for surveys because:




I'm white


I'm a student


I'm a guy


I'm in the 13-17 age range


I'm American




:lol: :roll:

[bleep] the law, they can eat my dick that's word to Pimp

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i'm looking for a site for those too.



Three months banishment to 9gag is something i would never wish upon anybody, not even my worst enemy.

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This is the site I use and they are trustworthy and send surveys at least once a week.




Even if you are not eligible for the survey you still 5 points which is equivalent to $0.25 (1cent per point).




It's not a lot of money though and I only made $60 in one year, but you barely do any work besides completing a quick survey every few days that takes most people 5-15min to complete.




The thing is you have to accumulate 1000 points to redeem them ($50 US).




Check it out and if your interested join because they are a legitimate site.

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I have never tried these online surveys because I'm one of those close-minded people who think that everything you can get on the internet comes with a catch. I just don't think I want to risk all my computer data and possibly my parent's credit cards and my email account and everything else I put into the site just for ~$60 a year. I'm rather stupid when it comes to identifying scams, I consider myself very likely to fall for one of their traps.




The closest thing I come to online surveys for money is doing those JCPenny surveys for a 15% discount on your next purchase. It takes 5 minutes, its totally legit because it's a well-known merchandise company, and the savings really accumulate over time. Plus there's no downloading or giving of information or obligation for future surveys if you don't want to (there's an option but I don't do them), and the coupon gets printed out from your printer rather than sent to you.


tip it would pay me $500.00 to keep my clothes ON :( :lol:
But then again, you fail to realize that 101% of the people in this universe hate you. Yes, humankind's hatred against you goes beyond mathematical possibilities.
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Apparently a lot of people say it. I own.


http://linkagg.com/ Not my site, but a simple, budding site that links often unheard-of websites that are amazing for usefulness and fun.

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