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4/15/09 - 70 Mining!


4/15/09 - 69 Mining!


4/14/09 - 68 Mining!






Hey everyone! My name is Khorne Smash and I love to mine ores. I am going for 70 mining short term and 85 mining long term. I am currently free to play but hopefully will get membership soon. I will be training in a variety of different ways: Gold,Coal,Silver,Iron,and Adamantite will be mostly what I shall mine.




In addition, I will occasionally be smithing so that is a seconday goal.
























[hide=Mining Tips]1. Always use a rune pickaxe. Worth every GP you pay for it.


2. Iron is the fastest experience until 80. Then granite + sandstone is fastest to 99.


3. A BoB helps a ton while mining if you are banking. Use this to your advantage.[/hide]




[hide=70 Mining]70mining.png[/hide]




Proof Of Account:





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Well look like your blog need some <3:




\' First post \'




Good luck, mining is always a hawt skill.




My advice: Find a skill goal bar that uses xp instead of level for percent, it's more representative.

Does it really matter whether I was right? #-o
This is Tipit. There is nothing more important than being right.

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