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Wannabe Pkers that spam 'GF LOL' and 'OMFG NERD'


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to annoy those clawers etc with pray mellee on, i go and entangle them then tb, then pray melee and air strike em and curse them or confuse, its just pisses em off real bad




and in f2p i always bring a tb now and cast it before a fight, 9/10 say wtf and run off so just proves they will tele


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Sometimes, when someone talks too much, I will talk back, hoping to distarct them from the fight. It rarely works, but sometimes as my health falls, a person will get too excited about killing me and forget to look at their own health.


Disgruntled, Ignorant, Rude, Obnoxious, over-the-top, unreasonable Ex-PKer

Drops: Abby Whips:13/ Black Mask: 38/ Dark Bow:3

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lol...i have no comment as i taunt people in f2p wildy all the time.......yet i hate it a ton when those lvl40 range pures try to copy me....only 90+ people should be allowed to taunt in wildy...they've earned the right to!!!!

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How come some [bleep]ing lvl 69 with Granite plate + dskirt + dds just [bleep]ing said GF 10 times to me in Castlewars? How the hell does he know the term???




It's like a virus, it won't stop spreading in a chaotic world of 'Good fight' and fighting, it's wrath determines one's soul decision has now come to a collage of spamming it.




I agree with your sig :[



Current goal: Legends, Regicide, Roving Elf's, Barrows RFD, 95+ Attack.

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