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A tally of Votes: Is Defence REALLY worth it to you?

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Well hey guys, just considering seeing many of you 99/99/85, and the rest 99/99/99, is Defence really worth it (This is a tally, I'm STAYING 71 Defence for a longggggggg time ;) ) for you, does it help when PKing?




Because at 99/99/99 you're VSing only like 99/99/95 at the most in Honour, and at say 99/99/45 you're VSing 75/75/75.



Current goal: Legends, Regicide, Roving Elf's, Barrows RFD, 95+ Attack.

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I would say that defense definitely is worth it when you are fighting someone stronger than you because having higher defense allows you to conserve your food in fights more which is very important.




So would you rather be 99/99/45 or 75/75/99?


Or 99/99/71 (ME soon :D :D) or 90/90/90?








EDIT: Situation is 2 PPl's with full rune and whip + defender + barrows gloves with no pjers around :o Impossible now, but was impossible to GET pjed 2 years ago :[



Current goal: Legends, Regicide, Roving Elf's, Barrows RFD, 95+ Attack.

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as a ranged tank, i see a huge difference between 70 and 80 defense.


if i put on some barrows and use a super defense pot, i get alot of "wtf defense noob" reactions from meleers with low attack and even some rangers ::'




as you can see in my dueling vid (i was only 84 ranged) level 100+ had trouble hitting me. tbh i made that video over the course of two days- i was only beaten a handful of times.







plus defense helps me defend against low atk pjers :thumbup:

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Def ownz pl0x :thumbup:






Here's a vid showing why defence is important.






That was the most FAIL rick' roll i ever saw





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Yes, defence is totally worth it.




I am 92/92/82, and it pretty much works so that I can hit pretty hard and accurate myself, while getting called the most idiotic insult in history, 'def nub'.

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