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A short story

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It's more of a backstory for a character I'm in the process of creating. Her name is Kylune Haelmma, and for those of you with a knowledge of D&D, she's a drow (aka elves who live underground). But that shouldn't really matter. (sorry about the weird formatting, I wrote this in NotePad and it did something weird to the text when I pasted it...)




....She was betrayed by her mother because at a young age, she showed the ability




to pity others. She was born into nobility, and because this trait was punishable by




death to the parent and child, her mother sent the child into the caverns to die.




....An exiled drow who preferred to live with the driders came upon a crying,




scared, and alone elf-child. He approached her carefully, not knowing if this was a




ruse to catch those who shouldn't be here or if she was genuinely lost. She shrunk




back, and he offered her a piece of jerky. She took it and slowly chewed. He sat




down and began to talk.




...."My name is Kal'Dris. I was exiled long ago, before you were born, but no one




comes in these caverns but the driders, and I enjoy their company. I adventure




through these caves and throughout the Upper Lands... If they tried to get rid of




you, you must be a good one. Come with me, child."




....She did as he said, and they traveled the caverns to a place he knew. He shifted




aside a rock, and soft light filtered into the cave. He hoisted the small elf into the








...."Crawl until you see a grate. Wait for me there."




....She crawled, not knowing if he really would come for her or not. Soon after,




Kal'Dris reappeared, and opened the grate. He picked her up and ran, hurrying past




bugbear guards and other races she did not recognize. They came to a large




wooden door, which opened and shut as royally dressed drow came through.




....Kal'Dris whispered under his breath, and Kylune thought she heard the word




'Ehlonna'. A split second later, Kal'Dris sprinted through the open door.




...."Now what am I supposed to do with you? I don't suppose you can talk?"




...."Not very well, at least Elven. I know Undercommon."




...."Then your age? You can't be more than eight or nine, and what's your name?"




...."I'm nine. My name is Kylune Haelmma. My mother left me in the caves because




I took pity on her slaves and let them free."




...."An admirable quality. But not one to show among the drow."




...."Where are we going?"




...."I suppose to the Upper Lands. I know of a group of our kind who have




different morals. They live in secret, and you could be raised by them."




...."Who's Ehlonna?"




...."A goddess many elves and rangers worship."




...."Not everyone worships Lolth?"




...."That's just one of the many differences between drow and the surface races.




We're much different than even the elves, our closest relations."

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I really like the starting plot of this story and would love to see it actually written down in full detail. Are you planning on that?




Anyway, it's a really good and interesting plot and I would love to find out how it continues.

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I am planning on continuing it and formatting it better when I get the chance (probably not until school's out though.) I'm currently doing a giant clean-up of my room, and that's taking most of my time.

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