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10 Hardest Quests in RS?

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I don't have a top 10 for hardest quests, I found most easy enough, ones that caused me most grief were Nomad's and Summer's end. these were the only quests I ever actually died on, and I died multiple times on each.
DT, MEP, Underground Pass, WGS and such I found enjoyable and actually rather easy.
Just ROTM til QP cape now, so may have to add a third quest to my list of hard quests or maybe not...

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Whilst I don't think any are hugely hard, especially with guides to follow my top ten, in no particular order would be (and most of these are not 'hard' as such just luck-based factors/annoyance factors that can make them tiring to complete)

1) MEP2 - long-ass puzzle to solve whilst under attack with those stupid handholds you nearly always fail? Deffo gotta be up there.
2) EW3 - the puzzle again is a mind melting factor for most.
3) Monkey Madness - primarily for that fricking cave-in dungeon you have to get through like 8 billion times plus the overly accurate poison spiders.
4) One Small Favour - the sheer length
5) Nomads Requim - Gotta be one of the hardest bosses to date still and even with the light gear there is a bit of luck involved to down him,
6) RFD - the hell rat catching bit is a pita plus the 'no prayer' battles at end really do throw ya a bit
7) Love Story - Just because trying to do the final fight without d spear is bordering on suicidal
8) Sheep Herder - Just because it is annoying as hell that you push them bit by bit then as soon as your near the fence they zoom off further away than they started for no apparent reason.
9) Branches of Darkmeyer - One of the more tricky quest boss battles.
10) Some Like it Cold - Probably a bit of a controversial choice but how relatively hidden some of the items are in the POW camp (like the wood), plus the poorly explained 'noise' mechanic and the fact if you have even a little lag it can be a nightmare keeping all 3 camps going long enough for Walrus face to get mad. Then to crown it off the fact that in the last battle there is literally no way to stop your health dropping and it relies on pure luck to find the enemy ships fast enough to survive makes it a bit of a pita.


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