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99 Firemaking


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Depends where you FM. People might say the G.E but douchebags come along and set fires on your rows. I recommend outsight Port Phasmatys bank, Duel arena or possibly Edgey bank.

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If you've done Swan Song, the Piscatoris fishing colony is very good. Room enough for a few fm'ers.

Don't follow me. You might not make it.

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Outside yanille bank isn't bad either, theres room for 2 people ::'


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Hunter_cape_(t).gif 99 Hunter: 4/30/09 Cooking_cape_(t).gif 99 Cooking: 6/2/2009 Attack_cape_(t).gif 99 Attack: 6/9/10


Dragon Legs x2 | Dragon Skirt x2 | Dragon Med x3 | Dragon Boots x13 | Dragon Shield Left Half x1

Abyssal Whip x2 | Granite Maul x8 | Granite Helm x2 | Granite Legs x1


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