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hey guys, some of you may know me from around Runescape or my many years here on the forums. I recently have started up a youtube channel between me and my best friend from highschool. We are doing many things with the channel but our primary objective is doing game playthroughs with live commentary. If you look around youtube you'll find many people that do this. We use a device to record the video and audio from the game and another device we are using to record live commentary to catch all of our reactions in the game. Currrently we have a full playthrough of Bioshock we have uploaded and are working on Luigi's Mansion (an underrated game by far!). So if your ever boreed and looking to kill some time, check it out, subscribe, and pitch me ideas of games you think we should do!:












Sorry if this is against forum policy, but I couldn't find any rules against it

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