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My Band: Infinity On Trial

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Hi everybody, this is the youtube channel for my band, infinity on trial, I founded the band a few months back and we've been working on a few songs. Currently we have two original songs (Martyrs, and Rectify) and a cover of Demon(s) by Darkest Hour. This is probably my favorite hobby at the moment, working with my band, so I'd be thankful if you'd check it out and give me some feedback. Keep in mind if you do not have anything constructive to say then don't waste my time as well as if you don't like Metal AT ALL don't listen to it, we tried to take a more "Killswitch Engage" style to our music so I think it will appeal to others as well as hardcore heavy metal fans as it includes by hard hitting parts and slow melodies.We also don't stick to any single time signature because thats very boring, the intro to martyrs is in two different time signatures. The recording quality is rather poor on the videos but you get the gist of it.




The Recordings on our myspace are much higher quality (still not perfect) but we recorded those with a homebrew recording studio we set up. Rectify is still in the early stages but Demon(s) and Martyrs are pretty much set in stone at this point.




so check it out if you would and let me know what you think :thumbsup:














I do the vocals by the way

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